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1. Java: Find .txt files in specified folder

I need Java code that will parse a given folder and search it for .txt files. Any links or code samples will be helpful. Thanks, Sri

2. Moving txt files to a folder instead of deleting them in java

i have a code to concatenate txt files from a folder and move the concatenated file in another folder. My code is working well but it deletes files after concatenating them so ...

3. Save in another directory JAVA - Very simple question!

I got a folder called DIR and a subfolder called SUB. the java file i am running is placed in the DIR folder, and now i want to save my small ...

4. Java - Read all .txt files in folder

Let's say I have the folder called maps and inside maps I have map1.txt, map2.txt, and map3.txt. How would I use Java and the BufferReader to read all of the .txt ...

5. how to open a text file(or any file) located in a folder other than the project folder in java

 FileDialog fc=new FileDialog (new Frame(),"Test File Dialog");
   String selectedFile=fc.getFile();
   File file = new File(selectedFile);
   String absolutepath = file.getAbsolutePath();
hi, am trying to ...

6. java listing the txt files in sub folders

Hi I have a jlist and currently it is viewing a folder + subfolders... Now i would like to change this to view the files in the subfolders as well. below ...

7. create a text file in a folder

I want to create a text file into that folder that I am creating here.

File dir = new File("crawl_html");  
String hash = MD5Util.md5Hex(url1.toString());
System.out.println("hash:-"  + hash);
File file = ...

8. Error in opening text file from src folder in Java

I am making a Java program and want to open a text(notepad) file ,that i have saved in src folder in my Java Program, I have tried to do it by ...

9. How to search for text files inside a folder ?

Hi Shawn, welcome to the Ranch, and thanks for contributing! Just one little thing... I added the "code tags" to your code. See how much more readable it is? All you have to do when you're posting code is to highlight the code and click the "Code" button which is above the box you're posting in.

10. java code to create a folder and save a text file in it..!!

Suppose i have a form in which there is a button "Save" and has two text fields "name" and "message". when i click on the save button, it creates a new folder with name as the value entered in name textfield and inside it a text file contaning body as the value entered in message textfield. please help !!

11. Searching directories for folders and .txt files

I need some help with the coding that I have, please. I have to tell the console which directory I want to search in, I have to search the directory for .txt files, then I have to search the .txt for the words "I am a lawyer in * who has to find a lawyer overseas." I am so lost. This ...

12. Searching through folder to find text inside all files

I am new to java and I am having a problem with some code. I am trying to create a java GUI whereby users enter a piece of text to search and a folder to search. The code will then search iteratively through each file for the text and append the results in a jtextarea. My search works for just one ...

13. Read all text file in folder

15. Creating folders based on txt file???

I've got txt file listing approx 2,500 unique identifiers (they are all integers but dont range from 1 - 2,500, each on a new line). What I would like to be able to do is extract this data and create a folder within My Documents for every record with the folder name matching the unique identifier. Is this possible in Java, ...

16. search text files in a folder

Im given a project to implement a text file search engine to search text files in a folder to find matches for a given text and display the path of containing files. Here have to implement all the data structures i use.In order to search matches for given text , first i have to separate txt files and subfolders in a ...