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1. Java: retrieve and replace the last line in a text file

What is the most efficient way of retrieving and replacing the last line of a text file (in Java 1.4) that could potentially contain millions of lines? Code examples I have ...

2. Retrieving and Replacing number in text file

I need to retrieve and change a number in a text file that will be in the first line. It will change lengths such as "4", "120", "78" to represent the ...

3. retrieving data from a text file

4. connecting midlet to a text file and retrieving data

Hi everyone.... I had develope a midlet to read and retrive text files from j2ee server. I had created the text file and want to store it to public_html folder in j2ee server. How sould i store this text files to this folder?? i'm using j2ee sdk 1.4.03 and j2me wireless toolkit

5. Retrieve parameter value from a text file?

If you want to put your "name-value" paramters in a text file, then use the regular reader/writer methods to read/write to a text file. But, u should have some kind of a rigid format. In case, these values are not going to change, u may use an interface & put all those values in that. sathvathsan

6. Retrieve numerical values from a text file

package my.scan; import java.util.*; //importing some java classes import java.lang.*; import*; public class ScanNum { /** * @param args */ public static void main(String[] args) { int i = 0; try { Scanner myFile = new Scanner(new FileReader("C:/Documents and Settings/shikhau/workspace/SanNumber/freelast.txt")); while (myFile.hasNextInt()) { i = myFile.nextInt(); System.out.println(i); } } catch (FileNotFoundException e){ System.out.println("Sorry! This file is not found"); } } ...

7. Suggestions on approach for retrieving data from text file

I tried to split on the spaces and it didn't work. It's been a while but I think it was a nullpointerexception. Just to troubleshoot, I created a file with just a few values that were comma seperated and split on the comma and that worked fine. Of course it only had a couple of lines and the read point was ...

8. how to retrieve some contents from text file

Iam reading a file ...and writing some contents to another file.I need to get out put as it is line iread from filenote that it is single line xmlns:edm="">create2006-05-18T17:10:11ZSUCCESS But i got output as.... Iam using the following code...can anybody identify pblm in code... final String START3_TAG = "

10. Retrieving certain line from a text file

Thank for reply=D Yap the row and column will change but i had already parse these lines into my code. However, i am still figuring on how to get the integer number 1,2,2,4 of the text file using while loop and not include the "" in the reading. Can this be done?

12. How to retrieve a text file

I am doing an assignment where I am running two "identical" servers on different computers (same network), so that reliability is increased. I have to take into consideration if one were to go down, how do we update the lost information. Right now I have my program saving critical data to a text file, and I am trying to find a ...

13. retrieving data from text file in java codes