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1. Eclipse: How to convert a web project into an AspectJ project and weave and run it using the AJDT plug in?

What I want to do:

  • I want to use the @Configured annotation with Spring. It requires AspectJ to be enabled. I thought that using the AJDT plugin for compile time weaving would ...

2. Eclipse debugging / step into method skipping AOP wiring

I'm debugging a SpringSource application in Eclipse 3.5 that makes heavy use of AOP to wire up the components. If I want to step into a method of a class ...

3. Configuring SpringSource Tool Suite wth AspectJ

How can I configure the SpringSource Tool Suite(ver 2.3.0) Spring project to accept .aj (AspectJ) file? Currently it does not recognize .aj file. And I cannot add *.aj file because it's a Spring ...

4. Springsource Tool Suite unable to find sites

I'm trying to configure SpringSource Tool Suite 2.7.1.RELEASE If I try to install a plugin, Help -> Install New Software... I get the following error, even though the URLs are correct.

5. a very simple aop in spring 3 doesn't work

when i want to run a realy simple aop in spring 3 i get exception

Aug 8, 2011 2:01:47 AM prepareRefresh
INFO: Refreshing startup date [Mon Aug 08 02:01:47 GMT-12:00 2011]; ...

6. Spring Data Graph and Eclipse

Spent 2 days trying to understand how to enable Eclipse work with Spring Data Graph, have no idea yet. The code is like this:

public class Person {   

7. Let eclipse use maven to compile/weave my code

I am using compile time weaving with aspectj to weave in Spring's transactional code so I can use @Transactional. When i run maven compile from inside Eclipse (which uses the aspectj-maven-plugin), ...

8. Is there a way to see in the editor, if a class is into any one of the point-cuts using annotations?

Is there a plugin or editor feature, to see if any of the methods in the class belong to a particular point-cut.

9. AOP problems with spring + eclipse

AOP problems with spring + eclipse I'm working on an rich client built on the top of eclipse RCP. I have a very simple beans.xml with only one bean: Code:

10. @AspectJ based Aspect working in Eclipse's JUnit runner, but not in Maven 1

@AspectJ based Aspect working in Eclipse's JUnit runner, but not in Maven 1 Hello all, I encounter a heavy problem with my JUnit 3 tests for my Apring-AOP based project. I ...

11. Eclipse Product Export with AspectJ task breaks with separate target platform

Eclipse Product Export with AspectJ task breaks with separate target platform Hi, There seems to be a glitch in the "Export Product with AspectJ" task: it breaks when your target platform ...

12. Aspect J in Eclipse

Hi Guys, I am trying to get my aspect J namespace working in eclipse in my applicationContext.xml but the namespace is not recognised? Is the following correct? Code:

13. Enabling AspectJ in Eclipse??

Enabling AspectJ in Eclipse?? Hi, Under Eclipse project context menu, I have "AspectJ Build" and "AspectJ Compiler" if it is an untouched Roo project (i.e. directly brought in to Eclipse with ...