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1. How can I get nexus to proxy springsource maven repository on s3?

I have nexus 1.5.0 setup to proxy springsource repositories but it's not working. The repositories are on s3 that nexus doesn't seem to understand how to deal with that. What's the ...

2. Compile-time weaving configuration

I am trying to convert my load-time-woven aspectj to compile-time-woven. So I removed <context:load-time-weaver/> from my spring config, and added an aspectj compiler to my pom.xml. But I don't know how to ...

3. How to proxy spring milestone repo using nexus

I want to proxy the spring milestone repository using nexus. Can anybody tell me the correct url to use.

4. Spring in Action 3 example of AOP causing problems

I am working my way through Spring in Action 3 and there is an example in there of using AOP with the around aspect. This is the Aspect class:

package com.xetius.springIdol;

import org.aspectj.lang.ProceedingJoinPoint;

public class ...

5. spring aspectj maven compile time weaving

Is it possible to use spring with aspectj to do compile time weaving and not write the aspectj's .aj file If there is an example or tutorial that would be great. ...

6. spring 3 @configurable and junit testing in maven

My code:

public class A {
    private B b;

    public void method() {}

public interface X {...}

public class B implements X {

7. Spring-AOP @Inject with Maven not working only in release builds

I'm using Spring-AOP support to inject references via @Inject into objects not managed by the Spring beanfactory. For instance:

class DefaultContent implements Content 
    @Inject @Nonnull

8. Spring AOP not working in maven multi module environment

I have a java application build upon Spring 3. My aspect is in separate maven module called Aspect. It has before advice and the pointcut like:

@Before("execution(* handle(..)) && args(inMessage,..)")
And ...

9. Spring AOP aspect used in a separate module

I have an aspect com.x.NiceAspect in one maven project module, and a class com.x.NiceClass in a separate maven module. Those modules have the same POM parent, together creating one project. The thing ...

10. Failed to execute goal org.codehaus.mojo:aspectj-maven-plugin:1.0:compile

Failed to execute goal org.codehaus.mojo:aspectj-maven-plugin:1.0:compile I am using spring tool suite 2.5.1. I get teh following error wheni run my test cases of teh project which uses spring roo. My cooleague ...

11. aspectj-maven-plugin : [ERROR] can't determine annotations of missing type.

aspectj-maven-plugin : [ERROR] can't determine annotations of missing type. Hello, Roo clinic sample application has stopped working on Redhat. Environment: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 5.5, Sun JDK 1.6.0_25 JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jdk1.6.0_25/ ROO_HOME=/home//spring/spring-roo-1.2.0.M1 ...

12. Building with AspectJ + Spring IoC + Maven

Building with AspectJ + Spring IoC + Maven I'm using AspectJ proper to write aspects around my domain objects, and I'm using Spring IoC to inject my aspect with Spring beans. ...

13. Configuring AOP with Spring 2.5 and maven

Hi, struggling to get AOP working (in 2.5). I have added the following to my app-context file: Code: The bean was taken from the new Pro Spring ...

14. Configuring Spring AOP with maven

Configuring Spring AOP with maven Hi, I am trying to configure a project where I'd be able to use @Aspect, etc annotations, useSpring @Before, @AfterThrowring, etc... Using the spring reference, all ...

15. AOP Maven Build Problem

Jul 5th, 2010, 08:19 AM #1 shendel102 View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Junior Member Join Date Jul 2010 Posts 7 AOP Maven Build Problem Hello, My logging in AOP ...