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1. Confusion with @RequestMapping Spring annotation

I'm confusion with this @RequestMapping annotation: @Controller
@SessionAttributes("pet") public class EditPetForm {

private final Clinic clinic;
This is a controller what URL must will ...

2. Multiple @RequestMapping with @PathVariable

Multiple @RequestMapping with @PathVariable @RequestMapping(value = {"/","/{user}"}) public String getIndexPage(@PathVariable("user") String user, ModelMap model, HttpServletRequest request) { if(user != null){ do this; }else{ do that; } } The request to "/whatever" ...

3. Hot plug rescan context to search "@RequestMapping" annotations.

Hot plug rescan context to search "@RequestMapping" annotations. Hi all, I try to solve my problem for weeks but still i did not succeed. I am here to seek help. I ...

4. Externalize @RequestMapping annotations

Externalize @RequestMapping annotations Hi, Good day! I am trying to externalize the @Request mapping annotations that I have put in my application across all methods in the controllers to some property ...

5. Strange @RequestMapping and @PathVariable behavior

Strange @RequestMapping and @PathVariable behavior Hi all! I'm working on a roo project and I came up with this "bug", or more likely, lack of knowledge on my side. I have ...

6. Multiple RequestMapping annotations

@RequestMappings{ @RequestMapping (value = "/company", method = RequestMethod.GET), @RequestMapping (value = "/company.htm", method = RequestMethod.GET)}

7. @RequestMapping and custom annotation problem

Hi, I'm using @RequestMapping to route users of my site to the correct controllers ... and everything works fine. I've recently tried to build my own basic @Security annotation in order ...

8. Urlpattern in web.xml using RequestMapping annotations

Urlpattern in web.xml using RequestMapping annotations Hi, This might be a trivial thing, but I just can't get it to work. I tried searching this issue but no dice... I started ...

9. "!myParam" style expressions in @RequestMapping annotation

In Spring documentation we can read : "!myParam" style expressions indicate that the specified parameter is not supposed to be present in the request. I understand the principle but I am ...

10. @RequestMapping annotation not working

@RequestMapping annotation not working This is applicationContext file: