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1. Spring Test Framework and annotation-based autowiring Problem

I would like to use two different implementations for a DAO with Spring's testframework.

The spring testcase in:
package base;

import ...

2. @Autowired annotation not working

I'm trying to test the Autowire option like this:

@ContextConfiguration(locations = { "classpath:applnContext.xml" })
public class Foo {
    private Bar bar;

    public Bar ...

3. what are @Repository and @Autowired used for. (Spring)

I am learning java for 3 months and sometimes i can not understand the usage purpose of something. one topic was dependency injection and spring beans i figured out the finally =) ...

4. @Resource vs @Autowired

Which annotation, @Resource (jsr250) or @Autowired (Spring specific) should I be using when using DI? I have successfully used both in the past, @Resource(name="blah") and @Autowired @Qualifier("blah") my instinct is to ...

5. failed to autowired annotation

why i always get userDetailDao exception null when executed :

package com.springweb.service;

import com.springweb.dao.UserDetailDao;
import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired;
import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Configurable;
import org.springframework.dao.DataAccessException;

public class UserService implements UserDetailsService

6. benefit of @Autowired annotation in Java

Maybe, because of my wrong English, I couldn't understand the benefit of using @Autowired annotation. According to the tutorial we can simplify the first(I.) case to second case(II.) by means of @Autowired. My ...

7. @Autowired, @Component and testing

How would you go about integration testing a spring application that is annotation-configured and component-scanned and does not have an XML configuration at all? I'm hitting a wall with the need ...

8. Autowiring and annotation configuration in Spring

I have 2 components A and B. A depends on B. I wrote something like:

public class A {
    private B b;

9. Is there a way in Spring to autowire all dependencies of a given type?

I'm using annotations-based wiring (ie @Configurable(autowire=Autowire.BY_TYPE)) for a given class, and I'd like to wire all beans of a given type into it as a list: application context:

    <bean ...

10. How to wire them together by Spring annotations

I got a web application, and I have to wire it's components (A,B,C) together instead of direct method calls. So, I dont know how can I wire object instances together when they ...

11. Spring 3.0 Annonation-based AutoWiring

In the below xml configuartion, i have a sql query which needs to be injected to empDAO.

<bean id="propertyPlaceholderConfigurer"

12. Default autowire with @Component

I have an interface its 2 implementation. I annotate both implementations by @Component. How can I specific one of them to be the default bean when will be used to inject ...

13. @Autowired annotations behavior in Spring 3

I wanted to understand how exactly the @Autowired annotation works.

import com.test.WorkFlowDAO;

public class ServiceCentralBOImpl implements IServiceCentralBO
     * Logger for logging functionality.

14. Spring 3 Annotation @Autowire for list not working

15. How do I wire a custom annotation at the same time as @Autowired?

How do I wire a custom annotation at the same time as @Autowired? Hi, I've got a custom logger annotation that is based off this post: It works fine unless ...

16. How do I autowire a third party library using annotations ?

How do I autowire a third party library using annotations ? Hi All, We have a third party library, where the required instance is instantiated using a factory method. Something like ...

17. Problem with Annotations + Autowire

I have an web app that works fine, however if I write a unit test to work on the exact same XML files, it seems nothing gets autowired. Here is what ...

18. Annotations, @Autowired, and primitives

I have an application I started moving over to Spring 2.5 (originally on 2.0). There are a few configuration items that were set in the old XML file, like "itemsPerPage". When ...

19. Annotation autowiring

Annotation autowiring Hi all, I'm using spring 2.5 and tomcat 6.0. I'm having a problem with regard to annotation based auto wiring. I have a user sign up page where it ...

20. @Autowired annotation not working

Please check my attached zip file. I have implemented abstract custom tag, which has private member variable service. service will be instantiated by calling ServiceLocator's static method. I also defined two ...

21. AutoWiring Annotation

I am trying to use the Resource Annotation but I don't have it on my classpath. I also can't seem to find out what jar it is in either. The class ...

22. @Autowired annotation in standalone app

public class DaoRegistry{ private static ApplicationContext context; static { context = new ClasspathXmlApplicationContext("appContext.xml"); } public static MyService getService() { return context.getBean("service"); } }

23. Autowired with spring remoting, Annotations vs XML approach

Autowired with spring remoting, Annotations vs XML approach Hi there, I saw an application where all the beans injected by Autowired annotation. Now, it works fine if everything is running of ...

24. Annotation based Autowire and FileSystemXmlApplicationContext

Annotation based Autowire and FileSystemXmlApplicationContext I am working on a POC to use Spring in our project. I have a bean called "taskHandler" defined in my spring config file and an ...

25. @Autowired not working for custom @Component annotation

@Autowired not working for custom @Component annotation I have created a custom annotation called @Coordinator that is itself annotated with Spring's @Component annotation. My classes annotated with @Coordinator are not being ...

26. how to autowire a spring annotated component in displaytag decorator

how to autowire a spring annotated component in displaytag decorator This maybe a stupid question. As I think the display decorator class maybe outside the management of spring container, but still ...

27. Autowiring Annotations.

Autowiring Annotations. Hi all, I have a doubt about the Scope of my annotations. I have got a class named genericDao and it Is annotated with @Repository. In my controllers, that ...

28. Strange error with Autowired annotated component.

Strange error with Autowired annotated component. I'm implementing a password encoder @Component, and I'm encountering a strange error with component-scan during initialization of my Spring container. The component can only be ...

29. Annotation autowire in ContextListner

Hello, I would like to load some properties in the ServerContext so i addes a Configuration Listener. I tried this: Code: public class ConfigurationListener implements ServletContextListener { @Autowired private ApplicationConfigProvider applicationConfigProvider; ...