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1. May @Repository annotation be inherited?

May @Repository annotation be inherited? May I create a

public abstract class BaseRepository {
and then extend it without specifying @Repository annotation?
public class MyRepository extends BaseRepository {
How do I know if an annotation can ...

2. Can't get @Component to be inherited in Spring?

In my project there's a common base class that all client classes extend. This has an @Autowired field that needs to be injected by Hibernate. These are all grouped together in ...

3. component-scan, AnnotatedBeanDefinition and inherited annotations

component-scan, AnnotatedBeanDefinition and inherited annotations Hi, I've noticed that the context:component-scan filters correctly detect when a class has an inherited annotation. So for example this works: ...

4. Inherit Annotation from Interface for pointcutting

Inherit Annotation from Interface for pointcutting Hi! I would like to annotate my business interfaces so I can define pointcuts for them. Something like: Code: @Retention(RetentionPolicy.RUNTIME) @Target(ElementType.TYPE) public @interface BusinessInterface { ...

5. Scope annotation why not Inherited?

Scope annotation why not Inherited? I'm not an annotations expert, so be nice :-). All my Spring beans extend one base bean. I'm using the auto-detected feature so that I don't ...

6. Is ClassReader supposed to support @java.lang.annotation.Inherited?

I have annotated with annotation. is defined as follows: Code: @Retention(RetentionPolicy.RUNTIME) @Target( { ElementType.TYPE }) @Inherited public @interface Some { } Then I have about hundred classes derived ...