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1. Why I cann't use Spring and Blossom annotations?

I use Magnolia CMS and Blossom.
When I add annotations to my classes I get something like this:

annotations are not supported in -source 1.3 (use -source 5 or ...

2. Problem with annotation spring context with differ modules

Greeteng. I made application based on spring annotation configuration. This application is moduled, i'm build it with maven. I scan application to find Configurations in one module.

public class ClientUserDAOImplTest {

private static UserDAOLocal userDAOLocal;

public ...

3. Spring annotation configuration does not find directories/classes in JARs

I have the same problem as these guys: ...but the difference is that I use Maven 2 as a build tool. How do I achieve the same effect using Maven ...

4. Spring @ContextConfiguration how to put the right location for the xml

in our project we are writting a test to check if the controller returns the right modelview

    public void controllerReturnsModelToOverzichtpage()

5. Auto-wiring annotations in classes from dependent jars

I'm relatively new to Java, so I hope this isn't a dumb question. I have a Web project in Eclipse that I'm trying to deploy to Tomcat. I have two dependent ...