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1. Spring @NumberFormat style currency for Indonesian format

i have a number that i want to format using spring (Currency Style). something like 5.000.000. but i get the wrong result: ยค5.000.000,00 and it should be Rp. 5.000.000,00. is there any ...

2. SpEL (@NumberFormat) is not working


@NumberFormat(pattern = "###,##0")
private int money=100000;
public String spelSample(SampleVO sampleVO,  Model model){

    model.addAttribute("sampleVO", sampleVO);

    return "sampleResult";
money: <spring:eval expression=""/>
money : 100,000
------but, result is
money : 100000
what is the ...

3. Using Java Spring 3.0 @NumberFormat annotation

I'm currently working on a small project trying to get Java spring validation working on a web form. It does work, however I have one input for inputting age, which I ...

5. @NumberFormat annotation not working

@NumberFormat(style=Style.PERCENT) public BigDecimal getBalance() { return balance; } @NumberFormat(style=Style.PERCENT) private BigDecimal balance = new BigDecimal("3000.25");