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1. ItemCount 0 with SkipLimitStepFactoryBean

When I use SkipLimitStepFactoryBean I always have 0 in stepExecution.getItemCount() from my stepListener. Is it normal? I'm using the version 1.0.1.RELEASE.

2. SkipLimitStepFactoryBean gone in 1.1.3 Release

Hi, I noticed that the SkipLimitStepFactoryBean isn't present anymore in the 1.1.3-RELEASE version. Is there a replacement for this one or did it move to some other package? Thanks, Salomo

3. SkipLimitStepFactoryBean missing in Spring Batch 2.0.0.M3

Also keep in mind that the new namespace provided allows for the same functionality without needing to know which factory bean to use. Looking at skipSampleJob.xml in the samples project should ...

4. Unable to configure retryPolicy for SkipLimitStepFactoryBean

Unable to configure retryPolicy for SkipLimitStepFactoryBean Hello, My batch application is pretty simple - input is a flat file, outputs: database and error file for wrong records. On write phase I ...

5. SkipLimitStepFactoryBean - Exception not being skipped

SkipLimitStepFactoryBean - Exception not being skipped I'm attempting to setup a step in a such a way that it will continue processing if it encounters certain exceptions. I've therefore set the ...