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1. What's wrong with my Spring Batch context?

Here is the context for Spring Batch:

<beans:beans xmlns:beans=""

2. About the schema name for default table of spring batch

About the schema name for default table of spring batch I am using db2 as database and schema as abc, When i run the job it throws error that it is ...

3. Spring batch 1.0.0.m4 repository Schema missing

4. Spring batch- meta data schema

Spring batch- meta data schema Hello All, I'm new to spring batch. I'm trying to execute a sample spring batch application in db2 environment. The problem I have in the moment ...

5. How to configure the schema for the batch job repository

You can use the "tablePrefix" attribute of the repository to indicate the prefix. The default prefix is "BATCH_" but you can change it to "YourSchema.BATCH_".

6. Wrong Batch Schema?

Hi everyone, I upgrade to Spring Batch Version 2.1.0 today. But in the configuration of skippable-execption-classes I get an error from the schema. I cant set the new ...

7. Upgrade from spring-batch 2 to 2.1 --> Schema problem

The tasklet is nested inside a chunk in 2.1. There are plenty of examples in the samples ( and unit tests (many at others in the same project). Which tutorial ...