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1. Spring set abstract bean property value    stackoverflow.com

I need to chance spring bean property values on runtime. Currently I'm doing it this way

Object bean = context.getBean(beanName);
BeanWrapper wrapper = PropertyAccessorFactory.forBeanPropertyAccess(bean);
wrapper.setPropertyValue(propertyName, newValue);
But some beans are configured as abstract
<bean id="abstractFoo" ...

2. Does Spring allow convert abstract bean in non-abstract?    stackoverflow.com

My application can run on different environments. I need configure MY data model per environment. The data model is build using Spring beans. I use Spring 3.0.5, so I cannot conditionally ...

3. Abstract Bean definition causing View Resolving Error    forum.springsource.org

Sep 6th, 2004, 11:51 PM #1 pburleson View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Visit Homepage Member Join Date Aug 2004 Location New York, NY Posts 46 Abstract Bean definition causing ...

4. abstract bean    forum.springsource.org

abstract bean Hi, I have a config file that's based on the new JPetStore applicationContext.xml. I received an error: Code: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Attribute "abstract" must be declared for element type "bean". Am ...

5. Spring 1.1.2 abstract bean and backward compatibility    forum.springsource.org

Spring 1.1.2 abstract bean and backward compatibility I had a txProxyTemplate bean defined in my applicationContext configuration without the abstract="true" attribute and things ran fine with Spring 1.1.1. I upgraded to ...

6. Any overhead (proxies, etc.) in abstract parent beans?    forum.springsource.org

Oct 27th, 2011, 06:19 PM #1 jquiaot View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Junior Member Join Date Sep 2007 Posts 3 Any overhead (proxies, etc.) in abstract parent beans? We ...

7. Problem using parent abstract template bean    forum.springsource.org

Jan 28th, 2005, 07:48 AM #1 Fernando Olcoz View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Junior Member Join Date Aug 2004 Location Madrid, Spain Posts 25 Problem using parent abstract template ...

8. Abstract classes and bean definitions    forum.springsource.org

Abstract classes and bean definitions Im new to Spring and have run into a problem with some of my bean definitions. I have the following classes: Code: public class User { ...

9. Is abstract, extensible bean definition possible?    forum.springsource.org

I currently use a bean definition inheritance extensively: Code: My question is: Would it be possible to define myBean ...

10. Possible Bug In 1.2.2 with abstract beans    forum.springsource.org

Possible Bug In 1.2.2 with abstract beans I believe I have detected a bug in the newest 1.2.2 spring distribution. Previously (in 1.2.1), this abstract bean would work fine, and would ...

11. Abstract beans and properties    forum.springsource.org

Abstract beans and properties Forgive me if this is a really stupid question, but I have an abstract bean with 2 properties but for some reason, the properties are not being ...

12. Can I use abstract beans with java config?    forum.springsource.org

Can I use abstract beans with java config? Hi- Have been experimenting with the Java Config code introduced at http://blog.interface21.com/main/200...on-for-spring/. I'd like to do something like this: @Configuration public class MyConfig ...

13. abstract class bean definition question    forum.springsource.org

Hi, I was wondering if following thing is possible: Let A be a class mapped as abstract in app-context.xml. Let BlahBlahServiceImpl is class - service mapped in app-context.xml as "regular" bean. ...

14. Bean "Abstract" Property?    forum.springsource.org

I would like to force anyone implementing an abstract bean to define certain properties. For example: Code:

15. Does Spring provide abstract bean?    forum.springsource.org

Does Spring provide abstract bean? I just wonder if Spring has provided Dynamic abstract bean to help user config some abstract bean instance. I want to have one class, class A ...

16. Bean definition and abstract class argument    forum.springsource.org

Bean definition and abstract class argument How can I create a spring bean definition for a class that has a single constructor that accepts a reference to an abstract class? For ...

17. Abstract class to bean.    forum.springsource.org

Abstract class to bean. Hi all!, I have one problem, i see http://static.springsource.org/sprin...nce/beans.html but not get to do found... I have, this two classes... Code: public abstract class DAOSupport { protected ...

18. final properties in abstract bean definition    forum.springsource.org

final properties in abstract bean definition I'm looking for a way to ensure that children of an abstract bean do not override certain properties. To give a slightly-contrived but easy-to-understand example: ...

19. Adding to the list specified in an abstract bean?    forum.springsource.org

I have an abstract bean that takes a list as a parameter. In the abstract bean definition, I specify a couple items in this list that are always needed. I'd like ...

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