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I would like to inject a Mockito mock object into a Spring (3+) bean for the purposes of unit testing with JUnit. My bean dependencies are currently injected by using the ...

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I have Eclipse configured to use an external maven instance. Nonetheless I have an integration test that runs fine from the command line, but fails from within Eclipse. The ...

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I use Spring framework 3.0.5 to build a web application. I use @Configuration annotation to configure my domain object, and some of the domain objects are with session scope. And when ...

4. junit/spring properties not loading with application context    stackoverflow.com

While running a junit test, I cannot get the application context to load properties from external properties files. Given the following: TestClass

@ContextConfiguration(locations = "classpath:spring/app-config.xml")
public class JdbcWatsonDaoTests {


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I know similar questions have been asked, e.g. here, but having done a search, I've come upon a solution I'm much happier with here My only problem however, is ...

6. @Autowired annotation not able to inject bean in JUnit class    stackoverflow.com

my test class:

public class myTest extends TestCase{
BeanClass beanObject
public void beanTest()
Classdata data = beanObject.getMethod();
I am getting a null pointer exception at line:
Classdata data = beanObject.getMethod();
the beanObject.getMethod(); precisely gives nullpointer exception How should ...

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I just configured a property placeholder in my Spring configuration

<context:property-placeholder location="classpath:/config/config.properties" />
If I run the application with this config everything works fine. However if I try to run unit tests, the ...

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Here is the code:

public class Customer 
    private Person person;
    //some business logic using person object
Now I need to write the ...

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If I run all unittests classes inside my project, the exception is not fired. However, if I just select one individual class, a 'java.lang.IllegalStateException' exception will be thrown for the reason "Failed ...

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I am working on the Spring Framework. and made one junit class but i am not able to properly load the xml files needed to run the @Test method in junit ...

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I've the following class:

public class Plugin {

    private DistributionManager manager;

    public void init(){
          ApplicationContext context = ...

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JUnit Web testing with PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer, Autowiring I have a Web Application where I would like to add JUnit testing. New to Spring (using Spring 3.0) and JUnit. My PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer works when ...

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PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer JUnit relative resource path I use a property placeholder configurer in my applicationContext.xml as follows: Code: Configurer that replaces ${...} placeholders with values from properties files

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I've got a config file that uses the PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer to dymanically load values from a properties file when the application server starts. It works fine in Tomcat using MyEclipse to start ...

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PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer not working for Junit test Hi, I have written a Junit test class where I used @ContextConfiguration to load multiple context files as shown below @ContextConfiguration(locations = {"classpath:unit-test-context.xml","classpath:GlassHire-02-service-context.xml", "classpath:GlassHire-03-business-controller-context.xml","classpath:GlassHire-04-domain-manager-context.xml", "classpath:GlassHire-05-common-context.xml"}) ...

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destroying the beans right after initialization, while running junit tests spring is initializing and immediately destroying the beans... this seems strange Oct 29, 2008 9:22:30 PM org.springframework.beans.factory.support.DefaultL istableBeanFactory preInstantiateSingletons INFO: Pre-instantiating ...

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I am trying to use ant+junit to test Spring bean classes, and services classes. However, I got the error to find the bean-conf.xml. I tried to set up classpath to the ...

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Help, PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer + jUnit drives me crazy This is spring 2.5x. I got the whole setup to run under the web environment. However, when run under jUnit test, my database driver ...

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JUnit logic bean (outside container) hi all, i'm using spring security to secure my domain object (logic bean). the problems come when i try to junit test the security (without servlet ...