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1. spring bean configuration

I want to specify a file system path as part of a Spring bean configuration. I know that I can set a path such as:

<bean id="myBean" class="com.example.BeanImpl">
  <property name="path" value="/WEB-INF/jsp"/>
An ...

2. Having spring bean properties refreshed automatically from properties file

I'm using Spring 2.5.6. I have a bean whose properties are being assign from a property file via a PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer. I'm wondering whether its possible to have the ...

3. Auto-cast Spring Beans

Is there a way to auto-cast Spring beans to the class defined in the application context XML? I'd like to avoid putting type information about the beans in 2 places.... ...

4. How to bind a bean property to another one and observe changes in Spring Framework

I'm wondering that if there is a way for binding a spring bean's property to another bean's property so if any change on binded property occurs in runtime, what i expect ...

5. How can I make properties in properties files mandatory in Spring?

I have an ApplicationContext.xml file with the following node:

location="," />
It specifies that both properties files will be used by my application. Inside, some paths are defined, such as:
A ...

6. What is plain-vanilla JavaBeans & plain-vanilla Java Class?

what is the Technical meaning of this context plain-vanilla Java Beans & plain-vanilla Java Class ??.

7. Error creating bean with name PropertyName: No property found

I create beens with Spring in ApplicationContext.xml like below:

<bean id="myClass" class="com.classes.MyClass">
 <property name="Url" value="https://localhost"></property>
 <property name="Name" value="admin"></property>
 <property name="Password" value="admin"></property>

package com.classes

public class MyClass {
    private String Url;

8. java/spring printing out bean property values

does anybody have a simple way of printing out bean property values ? Without complicated instrospection constructs via getting propertyDescriptors etc. I'm talking about testing and checking that all properties have ...

9. Spring framework question

Spring is well used these days. Are there any deficiencies of spring. Can it handle very heavy load?

10. Anonymous Spring bean

How is an anonymous Spring bean useful?

11. Spring, beans and enum's valueOf

When calling Spring's "Validate" from Eclipse, I get a lot of errors when I want to get back an enum using Enum's implicit "valueOf" method. For example:

<bean id="docFamily" class="...DocFamily" factory-method="valueOf">

12. object creation in spring

If I am using spring frame work in my application does creating an object like this Test test = new Test() a bad way for creating an instance? Should I ...

13. error passing a value in a bean

I'm getting an error when passing an integer through spring.

<bean id="propConfig" class="org.springframework.beans.factory.config.PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer">
        <property name="location" value="/WEB-INF/"/>

<bean id="portListenerService" class="com.service.portListenerService" scope="prototype" lazy-init="true" parent="abstractService">

14. Adding more values to a property of an existing bean

In my config, I have a bean paths. Now depending on which config file is read, I need to add paths to this property. Or to put it another way: How can ...

15. How do I use polymorphism with Spring Beans?

Here is the premise for what I'm doing:
- Use a simple servlet to get page requests.
- Get a page id from the request to determine which page i'm on.
- Define the ...

16. How to set Class value to spring bean property?

Hey, what is the best way to set a bean's property with Class value ? Regarding XML configuration. For a bean like this :

public class FilterJsonView extends MappingJacksonJsonView {


17. Spring Beans Life

I am trying to understand programming logic behind the beans of Spring. In examples it is often given them a concrete name like "Duke" or "Kenny", moreover concrete values also given ...

18. Spring instantiates two times a bean

I have several beans in my businessAplicationContext.xml, everything working fine until I added a new one called:

<bean id="TcmLogManager" class=""/>
This TcmLogManager simply instantiates a java.util.logging.StreamHandler so that some log entries ...

19. Java Spring anonymous bean without parent

I try to understand code:

<bean id="topBean" class="com.topBean" >
    <property name="helpbean" ref="helpBean" />
    <property name="topFolder">
        <bean parent="someparent">

20. How to update properties of an array of beans while iterating in jspx

The model returns a list of beans which are displayed in a table using <c:forEach tag>. Some properties are of type input, so the user can edit these inline (optional). The question ...

21. Calling spring bean from alfresco activiti process

Within alfresco activiti, could I call a spring bean using the servicetask like :

<serviceTask id="assignApplicationId" name="Assign Application Id" 
however, in my custom context I declared the ...

22. Does Spring allow you to replace a property in a referenced bean?

I have hierarchy in 7 beans like:

<bean id="bean01" class="myClass"...........
  <property ..... val-rev="bean1"/>

<bean id="bean1" ...........
  <property ..... val-rev="bean2"/>


<bean id="bean6" ...........
  <property ..... val-rev="bean5"/>

 <property name="reqProp" value="val1"/>
I need ...

23. Non-existent 'Employee' Type in JavaBean

Non-existent 'Employee' Type in JavaBean I just picked up Roo 1.1.1, and decided to crank up a new project to play around with it. However, I've run into a weird problem ...

24. Fiona needs help: Big HTTP 500-Problem with JavaBeans / SpringFrameWork

Fiona needs help: Big HTTP 500-Problem with JavaBeans / SpringFrameWork Dear All! I have the following problem: We have a JavaBeanApplication that uses an very old version of the Spring framework. ...

25. Using roogenerated java beans

Using roogenerated java beans Hi, I created roo project and created domain objects through reverse engineering. In my there is no code. The code is in Employee_Roo_DbManaged.aj file. The app ...

26. How to copy properties from one javabean to another?

How to copy properties from one javabean to another? My form backing bean is as follows(String properties only). public class MyForm { private String f1; private String f2; private String f3; ...

27. Weird error in _JavaBean.aj

Weird error in _JavaBean.aj I'm so frustrated. Seems like all the time Roo saves you to begin with you spend dealing with issues. I had several problems in my project I ...

28. Wiring up JavaBeans to backend Business Logic

Oct 13th, 2005, 11:54 PM #1 ritu2p View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Junior Member Join Date Aug 2005 Posts 9 Wiring up JavaBeans to backend Business Logic Hi, I ...

29. How to pass java bean objects from the action phase to render phase springPortlet .

Can any body tell me how do we pass a java bean object from the action phase to the render phase. I know you can pass string using actionResponse.renderParameter(,). I ...

30. compareing javaBean tree?

compareing javaBean tree? hi.. i while back someone told me about dozer, which sounds really neat, for copy one java bean tree to another, my question is this, is there something ...

31. Java Bean extending Spring Bean

I have a bean that is within an EJB 2 .ear file. It is not an EJB. Is there some way to make this bean spring-enabled?

32. What are the legal ways of having properties in a Java Bean?

Hi, I thought a property is found out by IoC container using reflection mechanism, that looks for a pair of get and set methods. However, I noticed the following --> 1. ...

33. Java Bean doesn't get prepared

private Integer phonenumber = 0; public Integer getPhonenumber() { return phonenumber; } public void setPhonenumber1(Integer phonenumber) { System.out.println("************** Buyer :: setPhonenumber *************"); this.phonenumber = phonenumber; }

34. Java Beans created over and over again

Java Beans created over and over again Hi, have the confg.xml as follows Code: As this is in session, should this not be created only ...

35. get value from property file in java bean class

Hi I am new to Spring and new in this forumn so please excuse me if i have posted my question under wrong category I am using Spring 3 using resourcebundle ...