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1. How does Wicket's @SpringBean annotation work?    stackoverflow.com

How does Wicket's @SpringBean annotation work? Does it use reflection at run time? Does it make the compiler inject some code? Or what?

2. Wicket's @SpringBean's and request scoped objects    stackoverflow.com

Is there any reason why a request scoped Spring object would be cached between requests, by a injected @SpringBean field?

3. wicket @SpringBean can not create bean    stackoverflow.com

I have a project on Eclipse, Wicket, Spring, Hibernate. Every thing works normaly except : when I try

public class SortableContactDataProvider extends SortableDataProvider<User>
    private Service ...

4. Wicket @SpringBean doesn't create serializable proxy    stackoverflow.com

PDLocalizerLogic loc;
When using above I receive java.io.NotSerializableException. This is because loc is not serializable, but this shouldn't be problem because spring beans are a serializable proxies. I'm using wicket-spring library, and ...

5. How to inject complete propertiesfile in a springbean    stackoverflow.com

I have a properties-file with a lot of values and I do not want to list them in my bean-configuration-file separately. E.g.:

<property name="foo">
<property name="bar">

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Unitils @SpringBean and Spring AspectJ conflict Hi We have discovered what might be a bug in using unitils and Spring AspectJ together, and would be very grateful for input in the ...

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SpringBean which is injected through the schedulerContextAsMap is coming as null in the Quartz Scheduler component sometimes. Version 2.5.6 Websphere: 6.1 Quartz:1.6.4 Code: property ...