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1. Grails: Accessing spring beans in the destory closure of Bootstrap code?

I'm looking to access a bean in my destroy closure in the Bootstrap.groovy of my grails project. Any ideas on how to achieve this? I seem to have no access to servletContext...? ...

2. Accessing domain classes or spring beans from camel routes in Grails

I have a camel route file which I want to populate/configure based on certain database records accessed through Grails domain classes. However, I cannot seem to access the domain classes (or ...

3. Using Camel 2.1 with Grails 1.2.1 - Classloading problem

I'm trying to define a Camel context in my Grails application. resource.groovy:

xmlns camel: ''
camel {
    camelContext(id:'camelContext') {
Results in a stacktrace containing:
2010-02-03 13:24:42,209 ...

4. Grails config of Spring beans in different files

Grails have cofig for spring bean called resources.groovy. And as i understand from docs it allows you to include another file, using loadBeans(%path%) I'm tried with this:

println 'loading application config ...'

// Place ...

5. How to delay spring beans startup?

Having spring application (actually grails app) that runs apache-activemq server as spring bean and couple of apache-camel routes. Application use hibernate to work with database. The problem is simple. Activemq+Camel starts ...

6. Ask Spring for a Prototype instance of a Singleton Bean?

I have a number of Grails Services that are singleton Spring beans, not prototypes. Is there any way to retrieve a prototype instance (fully injected with any dependencies) of what ...

7. Spring DSL in Grails - resources.groovy - bean configuration in a different file?

This question already exists in a way, but the existing question is missing some important links. I'm trying to move the configuration of beans for my tests into separate files that ...

8. why is managed bean null?

I am defining some beans in resources.xml for my grails-groovy app as follows:

      <bean id="reportManager" class="gra.reports.ReportManagerImpl">
        <property name="reportLocation" value="c://reports//"/>

9. Setting properties, etc for grails command prompt

Hi, Certain Grails plugins (e.g. GWT) require that environment variables or properties (e.g. gwt.home) be set in order for the plugin's commands to work properly. The "Run As" -> "Grails Command", ...