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1. Managing complexity in a dependency-injected app with a large number of beans

I'm working on an Spring application which has a large number of beans - in the hundreds - and it's getting quite cumbersome to use and document. I'm interested in any experience ...

2. Guice Custom Scopes and Spring managed beans

(x-posted to guice mailing list) I'm trialling Guice on a new library that will live in an existing application. All our apps right now are spring apps and we have some common ...

3. Properties framework in java apps

I have been using spring for a while as my IOC. It has also a very nice way of injecting properties in your beans. Now I am participating in a ...

4. How to create annotation-configured beans with an existing instance of @Configuration?

Assume we have a simple @Configuration:

public class FooBarConfiguration {

    public Foo createFoo() {
        return new FooImpl();