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1. property-placeholder location from another property

I need to load some properties into a Spring context from a location that I don't know until the program runs. So I thought that if I had a PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer with ...

2. Can I use a property placeholder with Spring EL?

Before upgrading to Spring 3 I had this in my applicationContext.xml file:

    <bean class="">
      <property name="validateRequest" value="${validateRequest}" />

3. Make Spring replace placeholders in different file type (other than Spring's configs)

is there a way to make spring (v.3.0) parse placeholders in file that are not .properties? I know I can write my own PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer but I was looking for a "cleaner" way ...

4. Spring - Replacing the bean property values with new Property File values

I have a property file and using Spring property place holder, I set values to the Spring beans. Now, this property file may be modified during the run time. Is there ...

5. Bean placeholder?

Spring has PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer. Is there something similar that uses beans instead of property files? Say I have

<bean id="baseUrl" class="java.lang.String">
  <constructor-arg value="" />

<bean id="destUrl" class="java.lang.String">
  <constructor-arg value="${baseUrl}/dest" />
Then I'd ...

6. Are properties read by a Spring Property Placeholder immediately available?

I am modifying code that uses a Spring PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer in an application context file. The properties are successfully read and used in the application. However, if I follow the ...

7. Spring PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer Default Properties Not Read

I am trying to embed activemq broker in a Tomcat. The code base will be deployed in different environments. I want to externalize some parameters, but want to provide default values ...

8. Spring .properties file - Get element as an Array

I'm loading properties attributes from a .properties file using Spring as follows:

The spring xml file
file: myapplication.xml
<bean id="some"
      <property name="property" ...

9. Add properties to property placeholder

I have an application where a property placeholder is used to read properties, configured in applicationContext.xml:

The application runs in an Tomcat and uses the parameter ...

10. PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer: Could not resolve placeholder

PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer: Could not resolve placeholder given securityContext.xml file with the following (abbreviated) contents:

11. multiple configuration files causes problem in property-placeholder

I have 2 bean configuration files: a-ctx.xml , b-ctx.xml In each of them I have one context: property-placeholder refers to and When I both of load bean configuration files ...

12. Programmatic property placeholder resolving

Programmatic property placeholder resolving I currently work on a web application based on Spring 3.1.0.M1, annotations based, and I have a problem with resolving property placeholders in one specific place of ...

13. Extended PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer Object needs to resolve placeholder for itself

Extended PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer Object needs to resolve placeholder for itself Hello folks, I am writing to ask your input on how to resolve placeholders for ExtendedPropertyPlaceholderConfigurer. So I have a class which ...

14. NoXML Property Placeholder Configuration in Spring 3.1.0.RC1?

I'm currently trying to convert a mostly-Java-with-some-XML Spring 3.0.6 configuration to a Java-only configuration with Spring 3.1.0.RC1. In my old XML context, I use a property placeholder Code: where ...

15. Can't seem to externalize my placeholder property files.

Can't seem to externalize my placeholder property files. I have the following code: ...

16. Placeholder properties not working

Placeholder properties not working Hi, must have missed something. I have an and file copied into the classpath before deployment. I have setup a PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer like this:

17. Defining a bean class with a property placeholder

Hi, According to the Spring 2.0 documentation, it is possible to define a bean class with a property placeholder, e.g.: Code: Unfortunately I am getting an error ...

18. property-placeholder use in diiferent spring files

property-placeholder use in diiferent spring files I am using 2 different XML files for MQ and Hibernate configuration : spring-mq.xml and spring-hibernate.xml. And my property files and I want, ...

19. Problem with placeholder resolution within another PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer bean

Mar 5th, 2008, 04:34 PM #1 cebbens View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Junior Member Join Date Sep 2006 Posts 1 Problem with placeholder resolution within another PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer bean Hi ...

20. property-placeholder location in other bundle

I have two bundles A and B, where B contains a properties file at de/linsin/sample/ The package de/linsin/sample is exported. Bundle A imports package de/linsin/sample and tries to use the ...

21. PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer:Could not resolve placeholder

PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer:Could not resolve placeholder Hello, This is a newbie question. Am getting a an exception while trying to launch my standalone app - Could not resolve placeholder. Reading spring documentation and ...

22. property-placeholder configuration

property-placeholder configuration hi, i try to create a bundle (bundle-a) where i can store my environment variables. these variables then should be provided to an other bundle lets say (bundle-b). therefore ...

23. replacing property placeholder error when configuring queue capacity

When I used property placeholder to configure the capacity of queue channel, SI ran error. I traced the exception track, and found the error came from In the method 'parseQueueCapacity', ...

24. property-placeholder and server based configuration

property-placeholder and server based configuration I am setting up a new application and I am hoping to use the property-placeholder feature in my Spring configuration file. However, unlike the example in ...

25. property-placeholder with location from system property

Im not sure whether your app is a web-app or not. if its web-app try these steps 1. define a context-param with key = webAppRootKey and value = my.location [the var ...

26. PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer and placeholder in location

PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer and placeholder in location Hi, I have the following use case: I've got a .properties file (aimed at containing my application config) containing a key ("working_directory") that contains a filepath. ...

27. Use property placeholder for enum value

Use property placeholder for enum value Hey folks. I have a problem that I am running into with using a property placeholder that is causing XML validation of my context file ...

28. Property Placeholder - Spring 3.04

I just upgraded from Spring 2.5.6 to 3.04, and now the property placeholders in my configuration files aren't being replaced as they used to be. Perhaps I'm missing the JAR that ...

29. Question about property-placeholder/PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer

Question about property-placeholder/PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer Is there anyway to configure the placeholder for an optional property? For example Our doesn't ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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