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1. Ways to do a 2 dimensional array in java?

I want to store 2 dimensional values i.e. B-1, C-2, D-3, etc. Any suggestions on the classes or interfaces that can be used?

2. array dependency injection in spring?

is there a way to use dependency injection to inject all available implementations of a specific interface in spring? This is kind of the same thing as asked here for .NET. Though ...

3. Spring: inject byte array into ArrayList

what is the correct way of injecting a byte array into an arraylist?

private ArrayList<byte[]> bytes;

<property name="bytes">
does not work, as every character (0,x,0,3) is converted into a single ...

4. Representing an array

5. Create a JavaType as Array (e.g String[])

Hi again, I want to create a JavaType as an Array, like String[] or Object[][]. I tried this by using the following constructor for a JavaType: Code: JavaType string = new ...

6. configure container to get the array?

CustomerInfo [] custInfos= new CustomerInfo[10]. can we configure container to get the custInfos array (with bean tag in xml) as defined above?

7. Boolean Array Setter Injection

Boolean Array Setter Injection Hi, I am using the following for my boolean array. and have used a setter which takes boolean array. But i get the ...

8. Selecting from an array.

Given an integer value I want to be able to map it to a string, in Java I'd do something like: String[] foo= {"first","second","third"}; System.out.println(foo[index]); In JSP the best way I've ...

9. populating array list in singleton

populating array list in singleton i have a singleton cachemgr with one property months which is an arraylist the entry in appcontxt.xml looks like this

10. MethodInvokingFactoryBean with array argument

MethodInvokingFactoryBean with array argument public class A { public String[] getResults(String[] names) { String[] results = null; ... ... return results; } }

11. Setting an array of Strings

Hi, I'm trying to set an array of strings as required by the TransactionProxyFactoryBean's proxyInterfaces property. Is that natively supported, or do I need to define my own PropertyEditor. I'm hoping ...

12. array of complex type

hello i want to call a webservice with an array of complex types. calling a single complex type i solved: HTML Code: public class AxisPortProxyFactoryBean extends JaxRpcPortProxyFactoryBean { protected void postProcessJaxRpcService(Service ...

13. Displaying Contents of an Array

Hey guys, I have written a program to parse the contents of a text file and store the elements of each line in two different arrays. The array can be of ...

14. Trouble Accessing Array String (New To Spring)

Trouble Accessing Array String (New To Spring) Hey guys, I am trying to output the contents of an array to a jsp page. However I keep getting an error. Can someone ...

15. After-returning an array problem

After-returning an array problem I am trying to write an aspect that will do some logging whenever one of my service methods returns an instance of my domain object, or an ...

16. How to inject Array of my custom class

Hi All, I need to set an array of my custom class (XYZ[] xyz) in a bean using spring injection. If this is an array of object i.e. (Object[] xyz), it ...

17. Injecting String Array?

I suppose you haven't tried the config I proposed. Spring is able to convert the list into an array. spring-beans-2.0.dtd: