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1. Spring @Autowired usage

What are the pros and cons of using @Autowired in a class that will be wired up by Spring? Just to clarify, I'm talking specifically about the @Autowired annotation, not ...

2. how do I configure autowire in spring

how do I configure autowire in spring

3. What is the difference between putting @Autowired to a variable and a method?

Class A {

   private B instanceB;

   public setInstanceB(B instanceB) {
     this.instanceB = instanceB;

Above one versus this one.
Class ...

4. How does Spring @Autowired work

I came across an example of @Autowired

public class EmpManager {
   private EmpDao empDao;
I was curious about how the empDao get sets since there are no setter ...

5. Autowired dependencies coming back null (Every single one of them)

Spring seems to resolve and create the autowired objects just fine on boot up. But when I try to access them they come back as null. Anyone have any guesses on ...

6. Spring autowire not behaving as expected

I have tried to autowire a bean for a test class using @Autowire, however the bean is not wired and I get this exception:

Caused by: org.springframework.beans.factory.NoSuchBeanDefinitionException: 
    No ...

7. spring3 @autowired and @inject

i'm spring2.5, i normally use @autowired for DI. If i not wrong, in spring3, we can use @Inject for similar feature right? please comment. I tried to add ...

8. Autowiring does not work

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<beans xmlns=""

<!-- Turn on AspectJ @Configurable support -->

<context:spring-configured />
<context:annotation-config /> 
<context:property-placeholder location="classpath*:*.properties" />
<context:component-scan ...

9. How to refactor a codebase that uses spring autowiring

I've inherited two fairly non-trivial codebases that uses spring for configuring the applications. Now I need to reconfigure the applications. But lots of the configuration is provided through autowiring so it ...

10. spring autowiring

Let's say I have some class X that is going to be injected all over the place (say 100+ other beans). There is only one instance of X, so it seems ...

11. Can @Autowired and default-autowire coexist?

<beans default-autowire="byType />
means that all fields of beans will automatically have dependencies injected if there is no more than 1 bean with the desired type. The question is how does this work ...

12. Why doesn't Spring support direct field dependency injection (except for autowired)?

I am interested in direct field dependency injection. Traditionally, Spring supports both constructor injection (supplying arguments to constructors) and setter-based injection (calling setters on a call). However, Spring is also capable of ...

13. @Autowire default mode

How does Spring @autowires beans: byName or byType? If one is not possible, a sencond trial is done using another mode?

14. spring autowiring not working

Hi iam using spring 3.0 with quartz in a scheduler class I have created the application context by

private static final ClassPathXmlApplicationContext applicationContext;
static {
    applicationContext = new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext("config/applicationContext.xml");
The ...

15. Why the following does not work for autowired

I have a class like

class A {
      B b;

A a = new A()
I found b is not autowired I already ...

16. Disabling Spring @Autowired by-name fallback

I have the following classes defined:

public interface Thingy { ... }
public class Foo implements Thingy { ... }
public class Bar implements Thingy { ... }
Classes Foo and Bar are both instanciated ...

17. Spring autowire a list

Is is possible to use @Autowired with a list? Like I have properties file with mimetypes and in my class file I have something like this

private List<String mimeTypes = new ArrayList<String>();

18. Autowiring doubts in spring?

After going thru autowiring concept i have got some questions. These are:-

  • If i need to autowire below class byType or byName , is it mandatory to have ...

19. @Autowire in Spring

I am trying to understand how to use Authowire in Spring. I saw a question here and understood how to use it. However, isn't spring working on interfaces? Isn't the UserService needs to ...

20. Why to use @Autowired on class in Spring

I read about the advantages of using Dependency for interface. I understand the concept for interface - but why to use @Autowire on class? If we use Autowire on class I know ...

21. Spring Autowire Fundamentals

I am a newbie in Spring and am trying to understand the below concept. Assume that accountDAO is a dependency of AccountService. Scenario 1:

<bean id="accServiceRef" class="com.service.accountService">
<property name="accDAO" ref="accDAORef">


<bean id="accDAORef" class="com.dao.accountDAO">
Scenario 2:
<bean id="accServiceRef" class="com.service.accountService" ...

22. Spring @autowired does not work

I have a problem with spring DI via annotations, here is my app:

public class Test {

    private GpsPointEntityDao gpsPointEntityDao;

    public void ...

23. How to find out what exactly does Spring autowire?

I have a large Spring 2.x-based application with a couple of hundreds of applicationContext.xml files and several thousands beans/bean factories. Most of these XML configurations say something like default-autowire="byName", effectively turning on ...

24. @Autowired does not work Spring 3

I looked all around to find a solution and couldn't find. I am using Tomcat, Spring 3 with the jars:

and my code is like this:
public class EmailResource {
EmailManager emailManager;
in applicationContext I ...

25. How to enforce restrictions on @Autowired

We use Spring in a project and @Autowired for automatically injecting dependencies. I would like to prohibit autowiring of certain beans from specific modules, so for example, it would be possible ...

26. Injection of autowired dependencies failed;

I am developing a small JEE Hibernate Spring application and an error appeared:
Error creating bean with name 'articleControleur': Injection of autowired dependencies failed;

oct. 26, 2011 3:51:44 PM org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationContext log
Grave: StandardWrapper.Throwable
org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error ...

27. Spring Dependency Injection Autowiring Null

I was able to use RestTemplate and autowire it. However I want to move my rest template related part of code into another class as follows:

public class Bridge {


28. Spring 3 @Autowire in tests

I have one irritating problem right now. My tests fail due to an autowire.

Could not autowire field: private k.dao.CompanyDao k.dao.CompanyDaoTest.companyDao; nested exception is org.springframework.beans.factory.NoSuchBeanDefinitionException: No matching bean of type ...

29. How to inject or autowire a Class type with spring?

How Do I wire this class in Spring. 1) Annotation 2) Xml note: I can already wire other classes just not sure how to wire a class in this scenario

Class<? super Client >

enter code ...

30. Spring won't detect the autowired field

I'm declaring the <context:component-scan base-package="com.blah.domain.*" /> to scan for all the annotations in spring. i have declared my class under the same package

package com.blah.domain;

public class UserService extends BaseService implements InitializingBean {

31. Spring's @Autowired doesn't inject dependency

I have a project that consists of various modules. Basically, I've worked with Spring MVC & JUnit 4, and everything was working good. But Now, I added few classes which aren't related to ...

32. Autowiring

Hi, I am learning spring and I have few issues with Autowiring. I have the below class : @Component public class MyProperties{ @Autowired private Map props; @Autowired DBUtility dbUtility; } ...

33. autowire limitation?

autowire limitation? We are upgrading our application from "xml based injection" to annotations and ran into the following problem. We want to replace the following injections with autowire. Code: