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I would like to test Spring configuration in Junit test case without invoking init-method on configured beans. I could of coded my init-methods to skip actual work based on system property ...

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DDStep Date Question: Currently trying to pass just the date from excel. But getting the below error while doing it. Failed to convert property value of type [java.lang.String] to required type [java.util.Date] ...

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Is it possible to JUnit test if wiring by Spring is succesfully? I would like to do this by reflection. Like: get all beans with id *Controller and test if the fields ...

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a little background: I am Using Spring 2.5, and specifically spring IOC and annotations. I am using @Autowired in my code (the Autowiring is done by type) and use @Component for exposing Classes ...

5. Problems testing Camel with Spring config    stackoverflow.com

I have a routes defined in CamelRoutes.xml and I would like to test them by using the wrapping technique described at the bottom of http://camel.apache.org/mock.html. My CamelRoutes.xml

 <route autoStartup="true"  ...

6. Inject null to autowired @Resource member in spring unit test    stackoverflow.com

I have implemented some unit tests which use the Spring Test Framework. The tests include members that get autowired by name, e.g.

private FooBar myFooBar;
I configured my test to be ...

7. Spring & Mockito - ignore transitive dependencies    stackoverflow.com

I have a layered application that looks like this:

public class MyController {
    MyService service;

public class MyService {

8. Independent JUnit Tests with Springs @Autowired    stackoverflow.com

As a beginner in Test Driven Development I just encountered a problem. My test class begins as follows:

@ContextConfiguration(locations = {"/web-test.xml"})
public class XXTest {

  XX xx;


9. What is the best way to inject mocked Spring @Autowired dependencies from a unit test?    stackoverflow.com

import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired;

class MyService {
  @Autowired private DependencyOne dependencyOne;
  @Autowired private DependencyTwo dependencyTwo;

  public void doSomething(){
    //Does something with dependencies
When testing this class, I ...

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I am new to the spring framework. I have some experience in rails framework. I am planing to create 3 environment ( test, dev, production ) I have created profiles in my pom ...

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Autowiring works in unit tests but not on server This is kind of an abstract question. I am maintaining some code that has been hacked together with bits of Spring via ...

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Help - Unit Testing with @Autowired private fields - most concise way ? Hi, I have a class that I want to unit test. The class hasa n autowired PRIVATE member. ...

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Unit Testing with Mocking and Java Config I am trying to understand how one would use Mocking with Java Config to substitute the actual object. @Configuration public class MyConfig { @Bean ...

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Spring initialization for unit testing Hi, I'm trying to run unit tests within Agitator which already contains a number of auto-mock capabilities (JNDI, database, servlet). I'm trying to initialize enough of ...

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unit test initBinder Hi, I'm very new to Spring and have been trying to pick up the good habit of programmatically unit testing all my code and I've run into a ...

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I have used spring XML config. I'm new to Autowire annotation. Question: How do I Inject mock object to autowired field without setter method? Code: public class BusService1 { 'at' Autowire ...

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There are cases when I'd prefer that the associated object be eagerly loaded to avoid the performance hit of a second SQL call, but then other times when a proxy object ...

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Autowired constructor works in unit test and not when deployed I have the following class public class JdbcHelperService { private final DataSource dataSource; /** * Creates an instance of the service ...

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Apr 11th, 2009, 09:49 AM #1 theseion View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Junior Member Join Date Apr 2009 Posts 22 Autowiring problem only occurs in unit test Hi there. ...

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Unit Test - Injecting with @Autowired fail when @Resource Succeed HI everyone, Don't be afraid by my poor English, I'm a French student developing with Spring for my internship. Here's my ...

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Apr 13th, 2010, 05:57 AM #1 j2james View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Junior Member Join Date Oct 2009 Posts 2 Autowiring does not work in unit test Hi all, ...

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It is a philosophy of unit testing that it should be testable in isolation (the smallest unit) and thus no framework should be required. Once working in those unit tests then ...

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Unit Testing Expression based components Any day I can remove code is a good day so I am excited to start moving our simpler message processors to use expressions instead of ...