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1. Could I benefit from Spring with BlazeDS

I'm building a small experimental application using BlazeDS AMF, Java and Hibernate, and I was wondering if I could at all benefit from using the Spring Framework? Since I'm using BlazeDS, that ...

2. Injecting Log4J loggers with Spring

I have a spring 2.5 webapp with the following web.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<web-app xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""

<display-name>Spring BlazeDS Integration Samples</display-name>





3. Java Spring remoting options

A little context: I would like to separate the Java application I'm writing into a more or less typical server-client model. I would provide a "server" which takes care of business ...

4. How to add a Filter in Spring (with BlazeDS)

I want to add a filter to map a specific path in URL. My server side used Spring 2.5.x, BlazeDS (servlet) with TomCat server. So, my web.xml file is composed like that :


5. How to get a destination sent from client for using BlazeDS?

I'm using Spring BlazeDS Integration. I want to get a destination sent from client in the servlet filter classes. Can I get it from ServletRequest or ServletResponse of filter's class arguments? Please tell me ...

6. Idempotent Request mechanism with Spring

I have a client side app that needs to call http/amf services, and if it retries the call, no duplication of outcome to happen. Is Spring support Idempotent mechanism for Http Request? Also ...

7. BlazeDS Spring Configuration problem

Jan 10th, 2008, 04:32 PM #1 View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Junior Member Join Date Jan 2008 Posts 2 BlazeDS Spring Configuration problem Hi All, I'm trying to ...

8. Having a build problem with the Spring BlazeDS demo

Having a build problem with the Spring BlazeDS demo Getting this error [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [ERROR] BUILD ERROR [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [INFO] Error building POM (may not be this project's POM). Project ID: ...