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1. Preferred way to do logging in the SpringFrame work    stackoverflow.com

I have done some searches looking for information about how to do logging with the Spring Framework. We currently have an application that has no logging in it except for system.out statements ...

2. How to log the time taken by methods in Springframework?    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible in springframework to log the time taken by methods [ selective | all ] automatically. By automatically i mean, i don't want to go to each method and ...

3. Spring ApplicationContextShutdownBean entries in log    stackoverflow.com

My SpringSource dm Server log is full of lines like the following:

com.springsource.server.kernel.dm.ApplicationContextShutdownBean < void com.springsource.server.kernel.dm.ApplicationContextShutdownBean.onApplicationEvent(ApplicationEvent)
making it hard to spot interesting log events. How can I turn these log entries off?

4. java logging nightmare and log4j not behaving as expected with spring + tomcat6    stackoverflow.com

I have a spring application that has configured log4j (via xml) and that runs on Tomcat6 that was working fine until we add a bunch of dependencies via Maven. At some ...

5. Logging successful / unsuccessful Spring context initialization    stackoverflow.com

I need to log whether the Spring context was initialized correctly in a log file. If all the beans were wired and loaded correctly, I need to log that, as well ...

6. How to configure log4j to log Spring injections    stackoverflow.com

How can I configure log4j to write an entry to the log every time it injects a class? My use case is this: I have Autowiring enabled. I have some interfaces with ...

7. Why is commons-logging believed to be unpopular?    stackoverflow.com

Dave Syer (SpringSource) writes in his blog:

Unfortunately, the worst thing about commons-logging, and what has made it unpopular with new tools, is also the runtime discovery algorithm.
Why? ...

8. How to move location of Atomikos's tm.out and *.epoch files?    stackoverflow.com

I'm running a J2SE application that uses Atomikos which dumps it's numerous log files to the current directory. I'd like to move the location of these files to "/tmp", but ...

9. How to log efficiently with configurations?    stackoverflow.com

I am using Spring framework in my application and it is deployed on MULE server. Based on debug or info level, the amount of logging and the percentage of logging will vary. Till ...

10. Why is Spring INFO logging to Standard Error?    stackoverflow.com

I have a many DB integration tests that are using the following annotations for transactional rollback:

The tests pass, but when I run them Spring deems it necessary to log at INFO ...

11. Conflicting log4j configuration files in referenced java projects using eclipse. No log output from Spring as a result    stackoverflow.com

I have two projects in eclipse - a Java project (let's call it Project A) and a Dynamic Web Project (Project B). Both projects use log4j and both have their own ...

12. Changing Spring containers log level setting    stackoverflow.com

How do i change the log level of a spring container which does not run in an appserver?

13. Performance monitorInterceptor and logging    stackoverflow.com

I read the topic How to log the time taken by methods in Springframework? And I decided to start a new thread. How can I set the Log level for the ...

14. How to Log in Spring?    stackoverflow.com

I've never been using logging, so I'm pretty ignorant about it. Anyway I've a Spring controller and I thought that it was as easy as adding this to the controller's class:

private ...

15. Classpath: and Spring, log 4j    stackoverflow.com

Dear All, I have a problem when trying to initialize my log4j configuration from spring.

<bean id="log4jInitializer" class="org.springframework.beans.factory.config.MethodInvokingFactoryBean">
    <property name="staticMethod">

16. Enabling logging in Spring    stackoverflow.com

We are using RAD 7.5 as IDE and also log4j for logging purpose. we want to enable spring logging. I tried the following

  • Added org.springframework.web.util.Log4jConfigListener as a listener in web.xml. It is ...

17. Logging whole flow of application for easy reading    stackoverflow.com

In my web application(Spring based), i have simple layered architecture as Service->Manager->Dao->database. For logging purpose i want to log request coming to Service and then exit from Service at one go ...

18. Which Datanucleus logging level is the most all-encompassing?    stackoverflow.com

DataNucleus.JDO - All messages general to JDO
DataNucleus.JPA - All messages general to JPA
DataNucleus.Persistence - All messages relating to the persistence process
DataNucleus.Query - All messages relating to queries
DataNucleus.Lifecycle - All messages relating ...

19. log spam    forum.springsource.org

log spam We recently moved (some) of our spring configuration from servlet initialization to container initialization by using the context listener and the context config: