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1. Spring vs Jboss

What are the advantages and disadvantages for Spring vs. Jboss for an enterprise web application.

2. What are the advantages/disadvantages of Seam over Spring?

What are the advantages/disadvantages of Seam over Spring? Why would I use Seam in lieu of Spring? Is there anything that can be done in Seam that can't be done in ...

3. do seam and weld in java 7 obsolete Spring? Is it still worth learning Spring?

Ive heard bits and pieces about Seam and Weld in Java 7, and am trying to figure out how they relate to Spring. Any pointers to good references appreciated.

4. Any benefit if integrate spring with seam?

I am building web application with jsf, spring, hibernate. I am evaluating if need integrate seam at top of jsf. I know seam provides conversation scope managed bean, jboss el, etc. ...

5. Everything in Seam is called twice

Hy guys, I need to use seam (2.2.2) in my project with Spring bean. To use Spring with Seam, I follow the seam doc and I transform my spring bean like this (in ...

6. Seam and Spring

does anyone know any good site which talks about Spring 3 and Seam 2 integration. I am really struggling to find something on this on the net. we are thinking about ...

7. What java framework is easiest to use with embedded Jetty web server?

I want to create java application with embedded web server (Jetty, are there any other servers which I can use for that?) and database (H2). GUI of application will be accessible ...

8. JBoss Seam remote

Hi , I am trying to migrate from Seam to Spring. Is there a full subs for the Seam remote framework. Which allow you to access managed components straight from the ...

9. How to Migrating Jboss seam project to Spring

Hi All, I recently assigned a project which is basically jsf+jbossSeam+spring+jpa(hibernate) architecture. our lead wants me to remove the jboss seam configurations from the project,so that in future the system architecture ...

10. Is there some Event and produces approachs(which are widely used in Seam) in Spring?

For examples, I want to prepares some data for dropbox, such as Countries. 1. In Seam 2/CDI, there is a Factory or Produces annotion, how to create such a Bean in ...

11. SEAM-GEN : Is there something similiar for Spring ??

SEAM-GEN : Is there something similiar for Spring ?? Hi friends, I dont know if this is the best forum where ask my question, I apologize if this isnt. Im writing ...

12. Opinions on JBoss Seam vs Spring

Opinions on JBoss Seam vs Spring I just watched Rod Johnson's presentation in Denmark "Are We There Yet?", and I read some technical reviews of JBoss's Seam functionality. It seems there ...

13. Spring vs Seam

hi , We are working on to decide which is best framework Spring or Seam. our application would be on jboss only. After taking the decision , all our applications would ...

14. Trinidad + Facelets + Tomahawk + Seam issues?

Hello, Do you have any experience with the mix of those components (or some of them), using Spring that you could share here? Thank you very much in advance.

15. Spring Web Flow Vs Seam

16. How solve solves the back button problem without SWF or Seam or equivalent products?

Yes you are right but SWF 2 isn't a stable release. I have read the changelog. This version has many feautures but i think that it's best to have a stable ...

17. About integrating Spring with Seam

About integrating Spring with Seam Hi all, I'm just experimenting a bit with the integration of Spring with Seam. I already read some reference material and some articles about the topic, ...

18. Spring-DM 1.1.0, Seam, Facelets, and Tomcat 6.0.16

Spring-DM 1.1.0, Seam, Facelets, and Tomcat 6.0.16 I was able to get my Seam webapp working with Spring-DM 1.1.0 and Tomcat 6.0.16, although I had to workaround some issues. Here are ...

19. like Seam?

like Seam? Hello people! I started to use JBoss Seam sometime ago. It has a lot of really cool features like dependencies bijection and so. About two weeks ago i teached ...

20. Spring vs. Seam

Spring vs. Seam Hi, This is a question that has been discussed before, but I would like to hear some more recent comments. Starting a new large scale service project the ...

21. Questions for Seam versus Spring:

22. Refactoring Seam project to Spring

Refactoring Seam project to Spring Need to refactor Seam 2.x to Spring 2.x or 3. Plz advise on any experiences or tips/advice. Stack includes JBoss 4.2.x, Seam 2.1.x, RF 3.x, ...

24. ANNOUNCE: Introduction to Spring Faces Part 2

27. Help unit testing Spring + Seam

30. Injecting Seam into Spring

31. Is Seam-spring module alive?

33. Migration from Spring to Seam

34. Modularizing Seam a la Spring?

35. Popup functionality like in Spring Web Flow?

38. Refactoring Seam project to Spring

41. seam 2.2.0 + spring 2.5.6 problem

42. Seam 2 and Spring 3

43. seam and spring...again

44. Seam and SpringSource DM Server

45. seam equivalent of spring util:constant ?

46. Spring context loading in 2.1.0.GA

47. Spring into Seam = No Unit Testing

48. Spring & No WebApplicationContext found

49. Spring PersistenceUnitPostProcessor Again

52. Spring Variable resolver used with @In?

53. Using SEAM2.0.2.GA with Spring 2.5

54. Why use Seam vs. Spring vs. framework X list

55. Why using spring with seam

56. ZK, Seam, Spring