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1. SpringOne 2007?    forum.springsource.org

Thanks for the reference, Karl. :-) I remember seeing that thread a while ago, before Marten posted this information. So maybe I can be there this year. Regards, Andreas

2. SpringOne June 11 & 12 2008    forum.springsource.org

hmmm... not a lot of people going apparently... Anyhow, if someone is going and has a question, I'll be happy to answer them as good as I can. If someone wants ...

3. SpringOne 2008, who is going    forum.springsource.org

Just curious if any forum members are going to be attending the SpringOne conference in Antwerp next week. Maybe we could arrange a get together...

4. SpringOne 2009 (Amsterdam): who is going ?    forum.springsource.org

I would really love to go... But as an in-house-programming-student for a restaurant I'm not even considering asking my boss to pay the fee...

5. View springOne past video conference    forum.springsource.org