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1. TabbedDialogPage difficulties

TabbedDialogPage difficulties Hello. Just wanted to point out a difficulty that I had with TabbedDialogPage. I wanted to override the decorateTabTitle call to replace the red * with the serverity.error icon. ...

2. TabbedPane & TabbedDialogPage... 2 questions

TabbedPane & TabbedDialogPage... 2 questions Hi I have 2 questions with regards to TabbedPane and TabbedDialogPage... I create a TabbedDialogPage by calling multiple addForm(form1), addForm(form2) etc... The dialog is generated without ...

3. How to control the usablility of the pages in TabbedDialogPage?

Hi ,everybody: Some CompositeDialogPage pages ,and use the method addPage(...)[in TabbedDialogPage] to add them .Now, how to control the usability of the pages , such as page.setEnable(false) ? Thanks.

4. TabbedDialogPage: Adding a tab while showing

Hi, is it possible to add a tab to a org.springframework.richclient.dialog.TabbedDialog Page later (while the dialog page is still shown?).