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1. Expert on-on-one example(interface21) under Spring Framework

Dear Member, I am wondering if there is a version using springframework from the example used on the book "Expert one-on-one..." by Rod Johnson (com.interface21.*, Ticker Reservation Application) I am starting ...

2. Meaning of Interface21?

Only Rod can answer that. I could make a practical guess, original spring started out with 21 interfaces. and implementation got bigger over the period. All I remember reading once, Rod ...

3. Interface21 Form tag example

Interface21 Form tag example Hello, I have been trying to make sense of the form.jsp that came in the download of spring-framework-2.0.2. It is found in the spring-framework-2.0.2\samples\showcases\formtags\war\WEB-INF\jsp\form.jsp It starts off ...

4. News - Interface21 (Spring) gets 10M VC Funding

6. Link: Interface21 Online Education

The idea is nice, but tell me: why do I have to call a phone number to hear anything? That is just plain stupid, especially if you are outside US.