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1. Am I allowed to declare a lifecycle interceptor on an interceptor?

I have my business bean defined thus:

public class MyBean implements SomeBean { ... }
And then I want my BusinessInterceptor to be configured with Spring's SpringBeanAutowiringInterceptor:
public class BusinessInterceptor {

2. Spring eqvivalent for EJB3 Interceptors?

Spring eqvivalent for EJB3 Interceptors? First, I'm a newbie at Spring so please bare with me. We have en application written in EJB3 that we want to rewrite with Spring (and ...

3. How to add Interceptor to EJB3-SessionBean

How to add Interceptor to EJB3-SessionBean Hi, I have a Bean for accessing a EJB3-SessionBean: Code:

4. EJB3 interceptor cannot bootstrap context

EJB3 interceptor cannot bootstrap context Hi. I have a annotation-based EJB3 set up with Spring autowiring : Code: @Stateless(name = "WiringExampleFacade") @Remote({WiringExample.class}) @Local({WiringExample.class}) @Interceptors(SpringBeanAutowiringInterceptor.class) public class WiringExampleFacadeEJB implements WiringExample { // ...

5. EJB interceptor or Spring AOP