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1. Splitting applicationContext to multiple files

What is the correct way to split Spring's configuration to multiple xml files? At the moment I have

  • /WEB-INF/foo-servlet.xml
  • /WEB-INF/foo-service.xml
  • /WEB-INF/foo-persistence.xml
My web.xml has the following:
 <description>Spring MVC Dispatcher Servlet</description>

2. ApplicationContext: initializing with a list of files

ApplicationContext: initializing with a list of files Hello out there! I've asked this before on the SourceForge list, but it seems to be pretty much dead. I'm completely new to Spring ...

3. separate applicationContext file

now i'm using spring and hibernate.but there were some question i use applicationContext-common.xml, applicationContext-datasource.xml , applicationContext-hibernate.xml so when i develop new application, i have to write a application name in context ...

4. multiple config files for applicationcontext

Hi all, I'd like to know if there is a way to split up the applicationcontext.xml into multiple files. Basically, I'd like to move the datasource configuration into another file so ...

5. About configuration with applicationContext file

About configuration with applicationContext file Hi all, By default, the configuration will be taken from "/WEB-INF/applicationContext.xml". But in my application, i used multiple configurations and in different packages, such as "", ...

6. How to externalize "class" attribute in applicationContext to a prop file

How to externalize "class" attribute in applicationContext to a prop file Hi, My question may look weird to you but thats what I need to do. Can somebody tell me how ...

7. ApplicationContext file conflict?

If I have two context files with the same name in my classpath, is only the first used? The reason I ask is because I use maven2 and I am running ...

8. Loading ApplicationContext file

Loading ApplicationContext file Hi, I just have a question about loading the applicationContext.xml. I load it in my web.xml Code: contextConfigLocation /WEB-INF/applicationContext.xml

10. Problem with multiple applicationContext files

Problem with multiple applicationContext files Hello, This is my first big problem with Spring. I'll explain my development context : I have 2 jar with "spring services" to properly access to ...

11. Configuring applicationContext from configuration file

Hi all, I was wondering whether it is possible to have an optional configuration file outside of the war file that would overwrite certain properties. The scenario is as follows: I'm ...