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1. dynamic file inbound channel: how to?

I need the ability to set directory dynamically (from Database) and be able to change it without restarting the server. Which way to make it more simple? Danke Schon

2. Wrap file inbound and outbound channel adapters in custom adpater

Wrap file inbound and outbound channel adapters in custom adpater Hi all, I am relatively new to spring integration so bear with me. I am finding myself writing lots of boilerplate ...

3. End-of-file on communication channel

End-of-file on communication channel Hi I am using spring framework with OC4J container having emulated JNDI location. Occasionally I get this error: INFO: SQLErrorCodes loaded: [DB2, Derby, H2, HSQL, Informix, MS-SQL, ...

4. A problem about the channel in the configure file?

I rewrite a new QueueChannel like the spring integration, also extends the class AbstractPollableChannel,but now I don't know how to injection my own channel in the configrue file.somebody have the demos? ...

5. Problem publishing to file:outbound-channel-adapte

public class ReceiveFileHandler { // FromAMQP public void handleMessage(StringMessage message) { rePublishToIntegration(message.getGenericMessage()); System.out.println("Received: message from Rabbit MQ"); } @Publisher(channel="filesOut") private GenericMessage rePublishToIntegration(GenericMessage message) { return message; } }