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I am building a GWT app with Spring. I am having some issues to inject a dependency to one of my Servlets, so I am trying to narrow down what can ...

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I'm working in a multi-module maven2 project using Spring and GWT. Let's say I have two subprojects: service and presentation. "service" contains the actual implementations of the services and "presentation" is ...

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I successfully follow GWT and spring4gwt's tutorials and transform the StockWatcher's demo into a Spring(3.0) enabled service , by the following configurations : web.xml :


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I'm using eclipse and when I try to run my spring-GWT application in development mode I get the following Exception when parsing the applicationContext.xml file:

    Ignored XML validation ...

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I'm successfully able to integrate Spring and Spring4GWT. Everything is working fine. The only problem I'm facing is How do I get HttpServletRequestObject in the @service class? Some of the configuration and code



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project --topLevelPackage foo --projectName foo persistence setup --provider DATANUCLEUS --database GOOGLE_APP_ENGINE entity --class ~.server.domain.Foo field string foo gwt setup

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GWT: custom changes to .ui.xml files overwritten (major issue) Hi, Before filling a bug with this, I'd like to understand the intended behavior of roo 1.1 final version. A common use ...

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Hi I am trying out the STS with GWT and GAE on linux, but I getting error about the /. Is there a workaround or I should wait for the next ...