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1. Inbound Transformer on Spring Integration Proxy Gateway

I'd like to configure a process that looks something like:

Method Call -> Dynamic Proxy Gateway -> Channel -> Service Activator -> Method Call

2. Spring integration inbound-gateway Fire an event when queue is empty

I'm a newbie around but I'll try to be consice.

{INPUT QUEUE}->[INBOUND-GATEWAY-1]-->[ROUTER]----------->(ACTIVATOR)<---------------

3. Spring Integration - http outbound gateway custom headers

I have java object that I would like to pass as a custom header to my request on the http outbound gateway. Below is a snippet

<int:gateway id="service" service-interface="MyService" default-request-channel="requestChannel" default-reply-channel="replyChannel">

4. Static AND Dynamic Headers in Spring Integration Gateway

I'm able to add a dynamic header to a gateway by using:

public interface Gateway {
    public void send(String message, @Header("dynamicHeaderValue") String dynamicHeader);
Alternatively I can ...

5. create gateway dynamically in spring integration

hi all, i met a problem in my work. In my application , i have to create a gateway dynamically . I have to put the channell or other configuration into ...

6. Spring Integration http:inbound-gateway Sample

Can some one point me to a sample exposes a xml over http service .. expected flow is client sends reqeust to --> (service side) http inbound gateway -> ...

7. Spring Integration 2.0.0M7: bug in http outbound gateway?

Spring Integration 2.0.0M7: bug in http outbound gateway? Hi, I am getting errors with Spring integration in version 2.0.0M7 with the outbound http gateway. The error occures when I am trying ...