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1. @Header annotation not working as expected

I am working on a spring integration project (1.0.2) and can't get the @Header annotation to work. Here's my service activator:

public class MyTransformer {
    @ServiceActivator(inputChannel = "inChannel", outputChannel = ...

2. Spring-JSF2 Integration: Target Unreachable, identifier 'customerBean' resolved to null

I'm trying a simple integration of Spring 3 and JSF 2 using annotations only (not using faces-config.xml to define managed beans) and I'm stuck with an error. The error is:

5. STS integration-graph config view w/annotation-driven?

Hi guys, I was just wondering how I can get the integration-graph view in STS of my Spring Integration 2.0 config file(s) to reflect annotated components when the element is ...