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1. Spring - Async Queue for sending mail

I have this:

 <si:poller max-messages-per-poll="10" id="defaultPoller" default="true">
  <si:interval-trigger interval="5000"/>
 <si:channel id="emailIn"/>
 <si:channel id="emailOut"/>

 <si:service-activator input-channel="emailIn" output-channel="emailOut" ref="mailService" method="recieveMessage"/>

 <si:gateway id="gateway" service-interface="com.blah.MailSender" default-request-channel="emailIn"/>

 <si:outbound-channel-adapter channel="emailOut" ref="mailService" method="recieveMessage" />
And I thought ...

2. Spring email support for multiple email IDs

Does the spring email support allow to send via multiple email IDs and each of these email IDs belong to different service providers? Also receive emails from these email IDs? Example ...

3. Upload photos by email (Posterous-like)

Which are the first steps to integrate photo uploading by email into my application? I am currently using Spring+Hibernate, and expose a bunch of services for a Flex client. What I want ...