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1. Is there a recommend way to get Spring 2.5+ to autowire Hibernate domain objects

Is there a recommend way to get Spring 2.5+ to autowire Hibernate (3.0+) domain objects. I realize that there is a way to do this using AspectJ (@Configurable), but I would ...

2. Could not autowire field, but I have the definition

My app-config.xml has a definition for my UserDao bean:

  <bean id="userDao" class="com.blah.core.db.hibernate.UserDaoImpl">
        <property name="sessionFactory" ref="sessionFactory"/>
I have my component scanning:
<context:component-scan ...

3. Cannot autowire child bean (defined in a web context) from root context

I have a bean in the root context (ApplicationContext) which autowires another bean in a WebContext and it's throwing:

Exception sending context initialized event to listener instance of class org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoaderListener
org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error ...

4. How to pass a HashMap of properties to an Autowired bean in Spring?

Instead of instantiating a PersistenceManagerFactory within my app like this:

Properties properties = new Properties();
PersistenceManagerFactory pmf ...

5. Autowiring HibernateInterceptor as Advice

I am trying to use HibernateInterceptor as a Advice and I am trying to autowire it. The code is as follows,

public class InterceptorAdvice{

    private HibernateInterceptor ...

6. Autowired filed is still null

I have the following class (which is a JPA entity listener):

public class AuditLogListener {

    IDomainObjectDAO domainObjectDAO;

    public ...

7. Spring : @PersistenceContext and @Autowired thread safety?

based on this example :

public class Purchase {
  private EntityManager em;

  private PurchaseDAO dao;

  private String normalField;

  .... // methods, operations, etc
Please help ...

8. Hibernate entity autowire

Can you please advice me, how can I nicely enable Spring autowiring for Hibernate entities? Let's say I have an entity and would like to have mail-sender there:

public class EmailActivity extends Activity ...

9. Little trouble with hibernate autowire in a spring project, bean not found error

i wanted to try the <context:component-scan base-package /> feature of spring 3.0.5. i have this entry in applicationContext :

<context:component-scan base-package="com.project.personal.admin.model"/>
<context:annotation-config />
i have a manager class which knows how to create any POJO ...

10. Spring 3 unit testing

I'm trying to write a unit test for my DAO class, but the thing is I get this error:

org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name  'com.yeah.server.dao.UserDAOTest': Injection of autowired dependencies failed; ...

11. Why Spring tc localhost server throw nullPointerException instead of autowiring?

I'm struggling for a problem that seems to be stupid but that I can't understand. I'm testing a very simple servlet using the localhost server provided with SpringSource. This is the meaningful ...

12. Autowired issue with Spring test

I have spent hours trying to figure out why my code will thow the following exception. At this point, I am hoping that someone can be more clever than I ...

13. autowire exception while trying to set up spring and jpa with hibernate adapters

I'm trying to make a project using Spring MVC and JPA but I have a problem when I'm trying to launch the app - there's an exception that looks like this ...

14. Spring 3.0 + Hibernate JPA Implementation - Autowiring not working

Spring 3.0 + Hibernate JPA Implementation - Autowiring not working I am stuck on this issue. I have a simple DAO test case to test out its features. I am persisting ...

15. spring-data-jpa Repository @Autowired throw exception

May 1st, 2011, 03:05 PM #1 Shishir.Kumar View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Junior Member Join Date May 2011 Posts 24 spring-data-jpa Repository @Autowired throw exception I am trying to ...

16. @Configuration with autowired child configuration in Dispatcher servlet configuration

@Configuration with autowired child configuration in Dispatcher servlet configuration Hi there, I'm trying to follow the examples of This is to try to migrate from standard xml configured to annotation ...

17. Spring Load Time Weaving doesn't autowire fields in JPA entity listener

Spring Load Time Weaving doesn't autowire fields in JPA entity listener I configured Spring LTW and have a JPA entity listener that gets some fields autowired. LTW is launched and processes ...

18. HibernateInterceptor: unable to able to autowire

HibernateInterceptor: unable to able to autowire Hi, I'm trying to use the HibernateInterceptor like so: Code: