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1. Up to date, JPA compliant GenericDAO Implementation

I read this article: several times and believe I understand what it is saying. However, it is 4 years old and I have a JPA compliant Java application to ...

2. hibernate native query insert wont work for java util date, someone please help me, really desperate

im using hibernate jpa and spring with mysql. i want to insert an sql statement using this:

Date saveDate = new Date();
    java.sql.Timestamp timeStampDate = new Timestamp(saveDate.getTime());

3. How do I query for dates in spring-data-jpa for a mongodb repository

My domain object -

    String name;
    Date born;
and I have a PersonRepository
    @Query(value="{'born': {$gt: new Date(?0)} }")
    findPerson(Date bornAfter);
I'm ...

4. Hibernate mapping issues adding partition date

Hibernate mapping issues adding partition date There are two tables USER & USER_GROUP. The file table has composite PK as USER_ID & PARTION_DATE. Similarly Batch table also contains composite PK as ...

5. Hibernate & Dates

Hibernate & Dates Hi, I have what seems to be a stupid problem. My bean has a java.util.Date field defined in it, and this is what the Oracle database field is ...

6. java.text.ParseException:Unparseable Date. Using Hibernate

java.text.ParseException:Unparseable Date. Using Hibernate Hi, I am using Spring with Hibernate, JBoss App Server and SqlServer7.0 database. I have got an error Hibernate mapping data, when I submit form. getting " ...

7. Date Format Problem - Oracle/Hibernate

Jun 23rd, 2006, 05:23 AM #1 bev View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Junior Member Join Date Apr 2006 Posts 17 Date Format Problem - Oracle/Hibernate Can anyone help me ...

8. problem with Date and hibernate

hi guys i have this DAO method Code: public CabeceraSalidaAlmacen getCabeceraSalidaAlmacenIdGeneradoADO()throws MyGlobalException{ CabeceraSalidaAlmacen cabeceraSalidaAlmacen=null; try{ cabeceraSalidaAlmacen = new CabeceraSalidaAlmacen(); ..... cabeceraSalidaAlmacen.setFecha(new Date()); .... //the pk of the table is autoincrement getHibernateTemplate().save(cabeceraSalidaAlmacen); ...

9. jpa annotation Date format

jpa annotation Date format Hi, i have a property that is a Date,in the form controller i use a property editor whith the format dd-mm-yyy.But when i persist the object, the ...

10. Date comparison - hibernate

I'm using hibernate 3.2.3, Spring Batch 1.1.0 and DB2 in my application, I want to get the previous day records from table. When i give my query like from StgModel where ...

11. problem with saving dates in the database - mySql hibernate spring

problem with saving dates in the database - mySql hibernate spring I have aproblem with saving dates in the database. I use mySql, Hibernate, Spring MVC. Product.hbm.xml Code: .........

12. JPA date arithmetic problem

We have a Person who 'has' a birth date. How can we construct a query to select all Persons who are X years old ? Thanks.