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1. transient in Hibernate field from database

I have hibernate @Entity called Video with fields:

private BigDecimal tcIn;

private BigDecimal tcOut;
In the application, I need to convert the value to another format in order to use it. So I added field:
private ...

2. How to get auto generated field before save in hibernate

I am using this in my pojo

@Column(name = "uuid")
public String getUuid() {
    return UUID.randomUUID().toString();
Now i have not binded this in jsp form. Now the problem is i have to ...

3. Is there anyway to get the value of a certain field in an object given the field name?

In short, I want to do something like

MyObject myObject;

public String getField (String fieldName) {
return myObject.fieldName; // how could I do this since fieldName is a String?
Background: I am getting data from the database ...

4. How to use Hibernate with Custom Field Types that maps to different DBs?

I am working with a project where I need to store a object in hibernate and it consist of many user defined objects. I know how use hibernate mapping ...

5. Hibernate Command Object with Set Field

Hibernate Command Object with Set Field I am using a Hibernate code generated bean as a command object in my Spring MVC web application. The command has a field which is ...

6. Sort by field of embeded object not work in Spring Data JPA

Hello, guys, I am using Spring Data JPA in one of our project. The JPA structure like: Class A { B b; String c; } Class B { String d; } ...

7. Hibernate: How to find fields given a mapped class?

I would like to know if given a class, if its possible to find out the mapped fields for the properties? For example: given a class, find out the "id" (primary ...

8. multiple unique fields and Spring + Hibernate

multiple unique fields and Spring + Hibernate Hello all. This question popped up, a few times on this forum, yet, no satisfactory answer was found. If one has a table with ...

9. Add custom fields with spring