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1. Calling SQL function in Hibernate using findByNamedQueryAndNamedParam in Java

I get the below error while calling a SQL function in Hibernate hbm.xml. Need help plz:


<sql-query name="getDuplcateValue" callable="true" >

<return-scalar column="number" type="java.lang.Long"/>

{?=call pkg_upos_util_01.sf_check_dup_loan(:lnumber)}



String[] namedParams = {"lnumber"};

Object[] paramValues = {lnumber};

String getDuplcateValue= ...

2. unique results from findByNamedQueryAndNamedParam

unique results from findByNamedQueryAndNamedParam When I want to have a unique result from a named query with bound parameters, I have no choice but do something like this in my dao: ...

3. findByNamedQueryAndNamedParam with Date param

Can findByNamedQueryAndNamedParam accomodate a Date parameter ? How does it know which binding method to use, as the Hibernate type could be either timestamp, date, or time ? There does not ...

4. SQL-QUERY using findByNamedQueryAndNamedParam

I need to have the following query in my app, select * from contact u where u.firstname IN ('John', 'Ray', 'Jim', 'Ken') Does spring/hibernate support this kind of query? Can I ...

5. Incorrect results using findByNamedQueryAndNamedParam

Incorrect results using findByNamedQueryAndNamedParam Hi , my dao code is as follows List tblBrandList = getHibernateTemplate() .findByNamedQueryAndNamedParam("Query1","ids","34, 35,45") but I'm getting incorrect results. its taking only value '34'. How do I ...

6. findByNamedQueryAndNamedParam doesn't work

findByNamedQueryAndNamedParam doesn't work When I do getHibernateTemplate().findByNamedQuery("getPasswo rd").get(0); with the fully described sql in the xml file, it works. But when I try to do getHibernateTemplate().findByNamedQueryAndNamedPar am("getPassword", "name", name).get(0);, it gives ...

7. passing list to findByNamedQueryAndNamedParam

We have a list of first names and last names and we are doing..the below In native SQL the query will be like Code: select * from name where (firstName,lastName) in ...