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1. Where I can find good Spring project example with Hibernate?    stackoverflow.com

I need to make project with Spring + Hibernate, where I could find good example project how basic things are done?

2. .persist() returns no errors, but where is my persisted data?    stackoverflow.com

In my DAO implementation I'm doing Stripersist.getEntityManager().persist(client);, this doesn't seem to return any errors, but I can't find the data that it persists. My client object looks like this :

public class ...

3. where in with hibernate    forum.springsource.org

Look at DetachedCriteria if your using the criteria api. HQL/named queres are similar to jdbc....."where :PARM_NAME in (?)", I believe.

4. Where to find example which use Spring + Facelets + Tomahawk + JPA?    forum.springsource.org

I've built a web application using Spring + Facelets + JPA with Toplink. It runs well. As I tried to add the Tomahawk. It failed. I thought it's because if you ...

5. Where can I find Spring-hibernate3.jar (Version 2.5.4) ?    forum.springsource.org

Please help me.. Where can I find Spring-hibernate3.jar (Version 2.5.4) and Spring-dao2.5.4.jar? Actually I am updating my Spring version to 2.5.4 version from 2.0.8. But my maven repository is missing these ...

6. Where is the spring-hibernate src code?    forum.springsource.org

Where is the spring-hibernate src code? Probably a stupid question to you veterans, but where is the src code for spring-hibernate v2.0.8 jar located? The svn repository is extremely confusing. I'm ...