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We are using JSF in UI, Spring in business layer, Hibernate in persistence layer. Now my question is how to pass data from the JSF UI to spring business layer. Can ...

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i am trying to have a List of commandLink in every cell of dataTable. this is small example explaining what i am trying to do

<h:form id="form1">
<p:dataTable id="doctorTable" var="doctor"
value="#{search.medecinsResult}" rowIndexVar="rowIndex">
<p:column headerText="#{search.headerDate[1]}">
<ui:repeat var="seance" value="#{search.column2[rowIndex]}">

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I want to use a dynamic ui:include, like this.

<ui:repeat value="#{FormsService.getTemplates(component.form)}"
    <ui:include src="forms/#{template.id}.xhtml"/>
Somehow ...

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I am working on a legacy project that was built with JSP. The JSP page included an HTML page via <jsp:include>. But the included page was essentially a mapping to a ...