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I am trying to integrate spring into a jsf application. In faces-config.xml I have included this:


but it shows ...

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I want to ask where do i put my external javascript files and how to access them in the page. I have a problem with getting the relative path for my ...

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I'm switching from faces-config to Spring and wanted to know how you can pass a property from one bean to another: e.g.

<bean id="myBean" class="Bean1">

 <bean id="myBean2" class="Bean2">
    <constructor-arg ...

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I am getting following weird error while integrating SWF,Primefaces 2.2.1,JSF 2,Spring Security 3,Spring 3.1.0

INFO: Unsanitized stacktrace from failed start...
  Source Document: jar:file:/E:/30May2011/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.wst.server.core/tmp0/wtpwebapps/simpleWeb/WEB-INF/lib/primefaces-2.2.1.jar!/META-INF/faces-config.xml
  Cause: Class 'org.primefaces.component.autocomplete.AutoCompleteRenderer' is missing a ...

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Call spring controller from jsf 1.1 faces-config.xml Hi I am trying to integrate Spring 3.0 with current JSF 1.1 project, so i got spring added and it works well, now i ...

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my-faces 1.0.9 + jsf-spring 3.0.0M1 + spring 1.2.2 problem trying to access a spring bean from a jsf page. i'm really looking for application scope which yields a BeanCurrentlyInCreationException. i also ...

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Jul 27th, 2006, 04:25 AM #1 cyrille37 View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Junior Member Join Date Jul 2006 Posts 22 Spring2 and JSF: Can't parse faces-config.xml : no protocol ...

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What's the difference between these 2 projects in the release? I can't tell if faces-booking is supposed to work (when I do a build, no artifacts are created). It looks functionally ...