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1. JSF/Spring How to use h:selectOneMenu without SelectItem objects

I have a Collection of model objects in my backing bean, and I want to use the f:selectItems tag to display them in a h:selectOneMenu. I have read many tutorials ...

2. How to execute transition on value change in h:selectOneMenu?

Usually i do something like below. Clicking button execute transition.

<!-- view -->
  <h:commandButton action="doit">
    <f:ajax render="@form"/>

<!-- flow -->
<transition on="doit">...</transition>
How to fire a transition on change ...

3. p:ajax update="tableName" inside h:selectOneMenu not refreshing the primefaces datatable

I have a primefaces datatable and dropdown. Dropdown is placed outside the datatable.I have wrapped the datatable inside the output panel.


4. jsf h:selectOneMenu : redirecting to new page

I'm using spring3.0, jsf 2.0 and richfaces. I have the following method in my Bean:

public String onChange (){
    String render; 
    if  (this.getItemValue().equals("project")){ ...