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1. Single MessageBus check for hierarchical contexts?

Should MessageBus.setApplicationContext() be updated to cycle through all parents, if any, of the passed in ApplicationContext to ensure there's only a single MessageBus defined when using hierarchical context configs?

2. Lifecycle Support of MessageBus

Lifecycle Support of MessageBus Hello, I switched from M3 to M5 and found some differences concerning the lifecycle support of the MessageBus. After starting the MessageBus in M3, all registered MessageHandler ...

3. Dynamically adding ChannelAdapter to MessageBus

Dynamically adding ChannelAdapter to MessageBus Hi, First of all, congrats on the Spring Integration product, it is great. Hope someone can advise me on the following. Using Spring Integration Milestone 6, ...

4. messageBus Dispatcher-pool-size

messageBus Dispatcher-pool-size The does not have dispatcher pool size define. In the spring integration doc, it said the dispatcher pool size can be configured. Did this get removed? ...

5. Question on MessageBus autoStartup

Question on MessageBus autoStartup Hi, I am using Spring Integration M4 and I want to start the MessageBus manually, but I found that even I set the following: