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1. How to Inject Spring ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource

In order to programmatically refresh the resource bundle cache, I am using Spring's ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource. I am having trouble injecting it into my bean where I want to invoke the clearCache() ...

2. No properties file found Error for ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource

I'm trying to use a reloadable spring resource bundle but spring cannot find the file. I've tried tons of different paths, but can't get it to work anywhere. In ...

3. ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource caching and getMergedProperties()

ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource caching and getMergedProperties() Hi, We are using ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource to provide localised message on the server and to be used to provide the messages as properties to the client in a ...

4. ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource not able to read proeprties file from hardcoded

ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource not able to read proeprties file from hardcoded Hi, We are using RAD 7.5 for development purpose on windows environment and we are usign spring 3.x. I want to keep ...

5. ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource

Hi all, I wanted to know how to access the messages into and file. I suppose you can do that with ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource, but I tried the next code and ...

6. ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource clearCache reload properties before return view

ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource clearCache reload properties before return view I have a controller where I'm updating a property in my resource bundle then calling the clearCache method of ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource, so that the properties ...

7. How do you use ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource?

How do you use ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource? Hello, I am trying to use a ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource and have it defined in my main applicationContext file like so: Code: messages ...

8. ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource

ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource So I create a properties file outside my classpath and configure it like this. /WEB-INF/i18n/External -1 After I change the External ...

9. ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource only with Spring MVC?

Does ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource works only with the tag or in Spring MVC ? I wanted to make it work with Struts, and I added this to my app context: Code:

10. ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource - Missing something?

ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource - Missing something? I've successfully used the ResourceBundleMessageSource but I am consistently having trouble getting ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource to work (I should mention that by not working I mean that it doesn't ...

11. ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource and cacheSeconds ?

hello, I read the javadoc of the "ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource" and did not understand the following: This MessageSource implementation is usually slightly faster than ResourceBundleMessageSource, which builds on java.util.ResourceBundle - in the default ...

12. ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource encoding problem

Hi! When trying to read a string containing non-english chars from a property file using getMessage() in ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource, an encoding problem seems to occur. The property file is encoded using ...

13. ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource broken in nightly

I have been using the "ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource" to load my message sources but it seems recently this has stopped working.. What I had before was: Code: ...

14. Using the ReloadableresourceBundleMessageSource

ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource issue Telling you on behalf of Vivek. :-) We are facing some problem in implementing the reloadableResourceBundleMessageSource in our project work. If anybody has worked with similar types of situations, ...

15. ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource

ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource I am desperately trying to get the ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource working with Struts, Tiles, and JSTL tags, including fmt:message tags. I use the TilesJstlView, whose API says - "Exposes JSTL-specific request attributes ...

16. ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource in a jar-file

ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource in a jar-file Hello, i've got a ValidatorFactory.jar in my webapp. How can i access the messages? The RelodableResourceBundleMessageSource can't find the messages in the classpath. What do i've to ...

17. ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource

That's how I have my ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource defined in the applicationContext file as follows: Code: how do I call messages outta that ...

18. ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource custom ResourceLoader problem

Hi, I was trying to use the ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource to load a file from the filesystem. So I tried to set the 'resourceLoader' property with a FileSystemResourceLoader. This didn't work... After ...

19. ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource not resolving arguments

Code: public class NestedMessageSource extends ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource { @Override protected Object[] resolveArguments(Object[] args, Locale locale) { Object[] rargs = new Object[args.length]; for(int i=0; i

20. Question about ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource

Hi, I'm using ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource class as implementation of messageSource bean. I have ALL my .properties files under a folder called WEB-INF/messages. I need to know if there is a way to ...

21. ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource Problem under Linux

ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource Problem under Linux Hi Guys, I use the ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource to load a propertie file this works perfekt under Windows but if i switch to Linux (Fedora8) the ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource can't load ...

23. ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource

Hi Have the following configuration for a messagesource for my web-app (powered by webflow and jsf) Code: /WEB-INF/classes/messages 1 Is there ...

24. ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource - odd behaviour - not releasing .properties?

ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource - odd behaviour - not releasing .properties? Hi, I've been playing around with both ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource and ResourceBundleMessageSource. I am aware of the differing classpath requirements. I have code that allows ...

25. DTD + ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource

DTD + ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource Hi, I have a bunch of xml-files like; File : Cars_en.xml Big car for the whole family In spring it ...

27. ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource with environment variable

ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource with environment variable Hello, I want to use a message source with a property file that is stored outside of the classpath. To do this I use the ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource class. ...

28. Reading properties files using ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource

Reading properties files using ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource Hello! I am using spring message source with Reloadable resource bundle message source. The problem is that i have to give all the name of properties ...

29. ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource with custom PropertiesPersister

ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource with custom PropertiesPersister Hi All, I am trying to use the ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource with a custom PropertiesPersister I inject through the bean configuration and I am having a problem getting the ...

30. ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource not showing unicode characters

Hi All, I am using following configuration for localizing my error messages Code: file:${server.home}/config/app/messages/errorMessages ...

31. Error while loading properties in ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource

Hi, I am new to Spring and Spring batch frameworks. I am loading property files in ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource. I am getting an error resource does not exist. SInce this is for a ...

32. abt ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource

Well you can only use spring:message tag in content that gets processed by the server (i.e. jsp pages). If the javascript function is directly inside the jsp you CAN use the ...

33. MessageCodesResolver or ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource on JSP?

Hello all, Is there any way to use ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource to resolve Validation error codes in the JSP View? I need to use the existent I18N messages to display in the JSP ...

34. What is underlying caching mechanism for ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource

Hi Can anyone point me in the direction of information on how Spring manages the caching of resource bundles using ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource? Ive googled and search the spring docs for a good ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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