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1. Why isn't Spring running my @Scheduled method?

I'm a bit befuddled because I'm trying use use @Scheduled annotations, but Spring doesn't seem to be finding my methods. The end result is that, none of my methods annotated with ...

2. Slow down with combining @Scheduled and @Configurable

we just move our definition of cron jobs from xml based definitions to annotation driven with

<task:annotation-driven />
we did not configured it further as the defaults are just fine. We have a ...

3. Spring 3 scheduling with annotations - Having a look at the queue?

Hello fellow Java fanatics, We've recently changed from xdoclet generated XML files (quartz) to annotation driven scheduling in spring 3. Now i'd like to have a look at all the queued tasks and ...

4. Job definition using annotations

Hi, I've not found any documentation or examples of defining jobs using annotations. Is it possible to define jobs with annotation and remove all xml configurations? Spring 3.0.5 Spring-Batch-2.1.7