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1. If you learn Spring MVC 3.0, what would you need to know to get a job working with an earlier version of Spring?

I've been learning Spring 3.0 MVC. However, from the few Spring 2.x examples I have seen, there are significant differences in earlier versions of Spring. I have two questions about getting a job ...

2. How to use @Autowired in a Quartz Job?

i am using quartz with spring and i want to inject/use another class in the job class and i don't know how to do it correctly the xml:

<beans xmlns=""

   <!-- Scheduler task ...

3. quartz-scheduler question

please tell any tutorial for making program of quartz-scheduler using spring mvc (web based) in java.

4. Spring Scheduler does not work

I have a problem with Spring's annotation based task scheduler - I can't get it working, I don't see any problem here... application-context.xml

<task:scheduler id="taskScheduler" />
<task:executor id="taskExecutor" pool-size="1" />
<task:annotation-driven executor="taskExecutor" scheduler="taskScheduler" />
public final ...

5. How to add a Jar to a Spring MVC Template job

How to add a Jar to a Spring MVC Template job Hello, Decided to try STS and created a Spring MVC Template job. Problem is, I do not understand how the ...