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1. Controller RequestParam question

Controller RequestParam question I apologize for being a newb, but I am familiar with Struts 1 & 2. I have done some Spring MVC 2.0 without annotations, and now I am ...

2. Annotated controller and requestParam

Code: @RequestMapping(value ="/content_upload/upload_new_picture.htm", method = RequestMethod.POST) public ModelAndView uploadNewVideo(@RequestParam("textfield") MultipartFile file, @RequestParam("mediaId") String mediaId, @RequestParam("contentId") String contentId, @RequestParam("position") String position)throws IOException{"upload: "+mediaId+" "+contentId+" "+position); return new ModelAndView("content_upload/SMS"); }

3. Problem with @Controller and @RequestParam

Problem with @Controller and @RequestParam I have a simple controller that takes one request parameter: Code: @Controller @RequestMapping("/secure/somurl.htm") public class ProblemListController { @Autowired private ServiceFacade serviceFacade; @RequestMapping public ModelAndView handleRequest(@RequestParam("productKy") Long ...