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1. spring @autowired

to use @autowired. in xml, i only need to included <context:annotation-config /> ? is there any other tag i need to put ? need to put componenet-scan ? weird, i ...

2. @Autowire strange problem

I have a strange behaviour when autowiring I have a similar code like this one, and it works

public class Class1 {
    private Class2 object2;

3. How does autowiring work in spring?

I'm a little confused as to how the IOC works in spring. Say I have a service class called UserServiceImpl that implements UserService interface. How would this be auto-wired? And in my Controllers action, ...

4. Spring Autowire Dublicate Problems

When trying to autowire JdbcUserDetailsManager from Spring Security, I use following statement in appcontext.xml (located separated from webapp):

 <bean class="">
    <property name="dataSource" ref="dataSource"/>      ...

5. Spring: object not being autowired, works fine in another class

I'm creating an util class, but the problem is that a service class is not being autowired. The autowired class is also used elsewhere, so I just copied the autowire code. And the ...

6. Spring could not autowire field error

I am getting below error for my spring based dynamic web project.I am new to spring and I am no sure why the below error is there -

org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Could not autowire ...

7. How to handle custom autowired objects in Spring 2.5?

I have an old project that I need to integrate with Spring 2.5.x (3.0 is not possible). I have created a bean, that have to initializate its field userSession by itself:

public class ...

8. @Autowired object gets a null value in one class, while successfully wired in another

I am working on a project using Spring 3, and Spring Security. My problem is with IoC container. Problem started when I wrote my own implementation of UserDetailsService for Spring Security-3. ...

9. Spring3 - @Autowired

This is my applicationContext.xml

<bean id="JdbcUserDao" class="controller.User.JdbcUserDao">
    <property name="dataSource" ref="dataSource"/>

<bean id="dataSource"

10. Autowired.. more than one?

I am using

<context:component-scan base-package="com.package.dao"/> (Spring 3)
and in my controllers with @Autowired will retrieve automatically the DAO I need. That's perfect and works. The problem is when I need more than one DAO ...

11. @Autowiring not working at Field Level

@Autowiring is not working on fields and am getting: Error:

         SEVERE: StandardWrapper.Throwable

12. @Autowired HttpServletResponse

I'm looking for a way to autowire HttpServletResponse. It doesn't work with spring out of the box, but I've found this description. This works but is sort of annoying, ...

13. Spring 3.1 Java Configuration - @Autowired, @Configuration, and @Profile challenge

I'm playing around with Spring 3.1 and Servlet 3.0 and was really intrigued by the new Java configuration option as well as using the Spring profiles and am running into a ...

14. @Autowired for @ModelAttribute

@Autowired for @ModelAttribute Hi @all, I'm pretty new to Spring, so sorry, if the question is quite simple, but I couldn't find an answer in the reference or by googling. I've ...