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1. Spring MVC and parsing HTML

I have a controller class as in the following code segment:

public class SiteEntryController 
    public ModelAndView handleIndex(
      @RequestParam(value="enableStats", required=false) ...

2. Why use a Url Rewrite Filter in Spring?

A Spring app I'm using declares a Tuckey UrlReWrite Filter and then sets up a rewrite rule as the following:

    <to last="true">/app/$1</to>
Why ...

3. mvc:annotation-driven Spring mvc 3 and Tuckey URL Filter

I was using Tuckey url for url re-writing. This is how it looks: rule from / from
to /pf/welcome to

4. How to exclude sitemesh filter when resolving error in spring?

I have a Sitemesh filter that will decorate pages. I have configured a Spring's exceptionResolver so that all the error will go to a view called error which is then pointed ...

5. Custom handling for error 500?

i want to add the ability in my application which is using spring framework that whenever an error 500 occurs in any place i handle it using filter or wrapper maybe ...

6. What is the correct syntax to include multiple `context:exclude-filter`s?

What is the correct syntax to inlcude multiple context:exclude-filters? I'm using this but I don't know if it works:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<beans xmlns=""

7. How to use Filter concept in Spring?

I want to know how to use the Filter concept in Spring. I have web application in that i have lot of jsp pages which has login.jsp is the first page. ...

8. Two Spring RequestContextFilter and @Component annotations

I have two filter classes extending from org.springframework.web.filter.RequestContextFilter, both configured in the web.xml in the same way, both using @Component annotation. When I had only one, everything worked correctly. When ...

9. Exclude url from filter-mapping in web.xml

I am using spring mvc and I need to exclude urls from filter-mapping. It means, I have static content like pictures and css and js ... and I need to not ...

10. context depended scan-component filter

My SpringMVC based webapp uses typically 2 contexts: the webapplication context for the MVC dispatcher servlet and the parent/root application context.

<!-- the context for the dispatcher servlet -->

11. mvc project- class not found: org.springframework.web.filter.HiddenHttpMethodFil ter

mvc project- class not found: org.springframework.web.filter.HiddenHttpMethodFil ter I created a new workspace with a couple of the mvc training projects as well as the common projects referenced by them. (STS 2.5.1, ...

12. cobining HDiv FIlter with spring MVC interceptor

cobining HDiv FIlter with spring MVC interceptor A breef problem description is as follows: 1. We have a custom session interceptor mapping some 70 urls out of 100 2. Now we ...

13. add to model in filter

Hi, I am just checking, is it possible to let a filter do the view rendering. I would like to be able to add data to the model before rendering but ...

14. Why spring MVC servlet runs before filter

Why spring MVC servlet runs before filter I thought servlet filter always run before servlet. That is not the case with Spring. For example, if I request: http://localhost/myapp/mypath/test.htm In a security ...

15. spring mvc json view bean property filter problem

I try to convert model bean to json view by @ResponseBody problem 1. for fetch associated objects , give error Caused by: org.hibernate.LazyInitializationException: failed to lazily initialize a collection of role: ...