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1. How can i get generic type from a Class object?

Suppose the following class

public class Message {
    // some code
And a Spring Validator implementation (no Spring knowledge required)
public class MessageValidator implements Validator {

    public boolean ...

2. Marshaling JSON and Generics in Java with Spring MVC

I'm trying to marshall a JSON object into a wrapper class that contains a generic object, as well as additional information about the object's signature.

public class Signable<T> {


3. Java Type Erasure and Overloading?

Can anyone explain in simple terms why in the below class, when I pass in a String, Integer or UUID, only the method overload taking Object as a parameter is used?

public ...

4. Generic :n-relation editing in Spring MVC?

Generic :n-relation editing in Spring MVC? Hi, I wonder if there is any generic way to display and edit :n-relations of a form's command object in Spring MVC, so that f.i. ...